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Sage 500 Allocations (MAS 500 Allocations)

Enhance Efficiency With Timely and Accurate Period Closing
Being able to deploy resources efficiently and monitor costs accurately are key factors in gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage. The Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 500) Allocations module offers you a powerful yet flexible tool to do just that—through timely and efficient allocation and accrual processing, you can simplify and streamline period-end closing cycles.

Sage 500 ERP Allocations allows you to use the power of automation to structure virtually any allocation, distribute allocations in a variety of ways, redistribute individual transactions, and create accrual transactions. Any account or group of accounts can be allocated to one or more accounts, with full control over the accounts used in the transaction.
Sage 500 Allocations Benefits:
  • Automate entries made in the course of a normal accounting cycle.
  • Accurately measure resource consumption using individualized basis calculations.
  • Create virtually any allocation transaction consisting of multiple source, recipient, and offset accounts.
  • Create an unlimited number of formulas and formula lines.
  • Use database queries in formulas to calculate and deploy values from other databases.
  • Streamline period-end processing.
  • Tier transactions in any order to control the transaction processing sequence.
  • Prevent errors with built-in processing controls.
Sage 500 Allocations
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