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Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Manage Production and Resources Using Advanced Scheduling Rules
and the Simple Drag-and-Drop Schedule Board

Do you have problems scheduling production and managing resources? Are orders late because someone forgot to schedule an operation? Did you ever lose a good customer because production fell behind its required deadline?

Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 500) includes one of the most powerful and easy-to-use Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) modules available today. This module uses industry-standard scheduling rules to automatically schedule production based on advanced algorithms and mathematical calculations.

System-generated schedules provide a great foundation but do not take into consideration real-world concerns. That’s why the APS module includes a drag-and-drop schedule board. which displays all system-generated operation schedules, and it allows supervisors or production scheduling personnel to tweak the schedule to fit in high priority orders.

APS provides companywide visibility for production schedules. Your customer service, management, sales, and other employees have online access to view the status of each customer order. It provides customer service with tools to quickly find scheduled completion dates across manufacturing facilities.
Reporting Features:
  • Maintain custom form layouts for printed forms.
  • Tailor Multicurrency Management report forms to your organization’s design requirements.
  • Export all report data to an external file.
  • Data types supported include ASCII text, delimited, Microsoft® Excel®, XML, PDF, HTML, RTF, or Microsoft Word.
  • Output any report to the screen, a printer, or a variety of file formats.
  • Create customized, presentation quality reports through SAP® Crystal Reports for Sage 500 ERP software.
Advanced Planning and Scheduling
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