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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Features Provide the Backbone for Production Tracking and Job Costing

The Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 500) Advanced Manufacturing module includes all the functionality of the Light Manufacturing/Advanced kitting module as well as enhanced work orders and labor and production reporting.

The system provides shop floor visibility to your entire enterprise. With a few mouseclicks customer service can quickly view the status of a customer order without having to interrupt the shop supervisor. Advanced Manufacturing provides instant visibility to see which employees are currently on the clock in any production facility.

The GAAP-compliant job costing system helps you identify which manufactured items are generating the most profit and which items are costing you money. You can identify production bottle-necks and respond in real time to last-minute engineering changes and high-priority orders.

Advanced Manufacturing is especially well suited for assembly, electronics, metal fabrication, and machine/equipment manufacturing.
Sage 500 Advanced Manufacturing:
  • Gain shop floor visibility to your entire enterprise
  • Robust job costing enables you to accurately determine pricing and profitability for each item
  • Define operations, machines, work centers, and other options based on your unique manufacturing environment and business needs
  • Efficiently manage work orders for all manufacturing activities
  • Track actual labor times for accurate job costing and labor and production reporting
  • Track shipments of parts to outside vendors for subcontracted operations such as heat treating, assembly, coating, or painting
  • Empower customer service personnel to quickly view the status of customer orders
  • Use Business Insights to analyze and monitor Advanced Manufacturing data and transactions including work orders, costs, quantities, and more
Sage 500 Advanced Manufacturing
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