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Advanced Kitting

Improve Management of Kit Assemblies Without Complex Manufacturing Processes

Do you distribute products and have a need for advanced kitting functions? Do you assemble products before shipping them? If so, then Advanced Kitting is the perfect product to help you manage production and kit assembly without material issues.

The streamlined Advanced Kitting system allows distributors, assemble-to-order industries, and other light manufacturers to concentrate on other critical business issues without getting tied up in complex manufacturing processes.

Advanced Kitting provides an easy-to-use production entry screen where finished goods are reported after the fact. This single point of entry eliminates numerous labor and production transactions by automatically issuing material quantities, outside process transactions, and labor time to finished kits.

Distributors can identify labor as part of the kitting process. This dramatically improves product costing, subsequent pricing, and the kitting procedure. Other Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 500) modules, such as Estimating, Product Configurator, and Inventory Replenishment, can be used with Advanced Kitting to streamline operations and improve productivity.
Sage 500 Advanced Kitting:
  • Manage production and kit assemblies without material issues.
  • Automatic backflush eliminates work orders and simplifies the assembly process.
  • Include labor as part of the kitting process to improve accuracy of product costing and related pricing requirements.
  • Improve productivity by creating new kits on the fly.
  • Multilevel kits save time and eliminate duplication by including kits as components of other kits.
  • Organize, analyze, and graph production assembly information such as component usage, assembly costs, scrap quantities, and more.
Sage 500 Advanced Kitting
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