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General Ledger Enhancements for Sage 500

Custom-designed General Ledger enhancement (add on) modules.
These GL enhancements (add-ons) were developed using the Sage 500 Development Framework that provides a seamless integration to the core Sage 500 suite.
Budget Maestro and Planning Maestro
Budget Maestro and Planning Maestro work with your accounting or ERP system to enhance your budgeting capabilities and improve budget accuracy. It is designed to work with any G/L application. It models your financial and organizational views, and supports multiple G/L structures so you can generate financial statements independently or at a consolidated level.
M5-GL-1060 Rebate Co-op Enhancement
This enhancement package allows the user to program rebates and co-op amounts as a function of inventory management and general ledger journal entries. Once the set-up is complete, the functions are applied automatically when a sales order is created and the shipment is posted. General ledger entries are then generated during A/R invoicing.
BizExcelerator - Excel-based financial reporting and analytics
BizExcelerator is an Excel-based financial reporting and analytics solution that delivers simple, yet powerful, reporting and analysis capabilities to business users. BizExcelerator makes it easy to gain immediate control of the entire reporting and analysis process and allows users to produce reports accurately, efficiently and more easily than ever before.
M5-GL-1000 GL Account Merge Utility
In today’s ever-changing business environment, having a software package that adapts to your changing needs is essential to maintain a competitive edge. With the General Ledger Account Merge Utility, you have the ability to update and consolidate your GL accounts to fit your current business operations. Perfect for unused or inactive accounts, this module merges all transaction information along with the accounts so that no information is lost. By merging multiple GL accounts into a single destination account, you can eliminate duplicate activity or combine similar transactions into one account. Once the merge has been run, Sage 500 has the ability to recalculate the balances for all GL accounts.
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