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AR Lockbox Autocash Processing

Import and Process AR Cash Receipts Automatically
AR Lockbox Autocash for Sage 500 provides an automated means for importing and applying Cash Receipts from an external source such as a Lockbox file.

Using a convenient mapping utility, multiple formats can be defined for different bank accounts. Files can be delimited or fixed length and Matching criteria can be established per map file to control when a payment should be applied or put on-account unapplied. This allows the user to control whether to apply only when paid in full, or apply partial payments as well. Payments not matching the criteria are placed on account.

Built with the Sage 500 Framework, AR Lockbox Autocash provides the same rich graphical and ease-of-use features found throughout Sage 500. Integration with Sage 500 is achieved with Customizer, extending functionality without modifying it.

Easy Mapping Utility
The ability to define the layout of each import file is done through the built-in mapping utility. This allows the user to identify which fields are being imported, their position or sequence in the import file, and whether the field is required.

Speed up the Application of Payments
Using the AR Lockbox Autocash module, the application of payments to invoices is automatic, saving hours of manual entry and ensuring greater accuracy. The option to automatically post the batch speeds the process even more.

Take Write-offs
Choose to have the system generate write-offs when shortpays result in balances that fall under the customers write-off limit.

Split Batch
Choose to create two batches - one for applied and another for unapplied.

Map Multiple Bank Accounts
The flexible mapping capability allows for multiple import files to be defined for different bank accounts. The order and position of each field within the import file can be defined as well.

Define Matching Rules
The values that must match in order for a payment to be automatically applied to an invoice or invoices can be established for a map file, such as amount.
Built with Sage 500 Application Framework:
Standard Toolbar & Form Controls
Standard Navigator Lookup
Sage 500 Office Integration
Extends Functionality without changing standard product
Customizer-enabled for even greater extension by consultants and customers
All Reports and Documents are Crystal Reports
Compatible with every major and interim release
Easy Installation and Setup
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