Recorded Webinar

How to Define Scope for Your Software Project

Free Webinar: Define Project Scope for Successful Business Management Software Implementation

Defining the scope of your software project prevents the dreaded 'scope creep' that leads to software that cannot possibly be implemented on time or on budget. Make sure that you clearly define the scope of your software project so that this doesn't happen to you. Make your life easier-join us for this informative webinar and find out how to set your project up for success.

Recorded Webinar

Build an Effective Business Case for a Software System Change

Free Webinar: Build an Effective Business Case for Replacing Your Business Management Software

You know your company needs new business management software, but you have to make the case to management. How do you build an effective business case for the investment? Learn how to identify your company's top requirements and translate them into an action plan for moving forward, and get tools, checklists, plans, and other resources to support your learnings.

Recorded Webinar

The Paperless Office & Document Management: Myths, Legends and the Truth

Cut through the mystery and the hype. Learn what is real!

In this rare event, we invited speakers from the top 3 industry solutions to help shed light on the Myths, Legends and the truth about the term Paperless Office; what it is and is NOT! Panelists from ACOM Solutions, Altec, and Paramount Technologies teamed up to answer questions and discuss best practices on leveraging Document Management solutions to eliminate paper, increase ...

Recorded Webinar

Eliminate Field Service Market Challenges with Service Pro for Sage 100 and NetSuite ERP

Learn the Keys to Becoming a Leader in Field Service using Service Pro - integrated with Sage 100 and NetSuite ERP

This webinar will show you how your field service business will realize cost savings and increase efficiency using Service Pro, a comprehensive Back Office, Scheduling and Mobile Field Service management solution from MSI. Service Pro provides integrated support for either Sage 100 ERP or NetSuite ERP.

Recorded Webinar

Sage 100 ERP - 10 Ways to Process More Orders, Better, Cheaper, Faster

Learn how Mapadoc, Scanco and StarShip work together to bring you an integrated streamlined supply chain automation solution for Sage 100 ERP

Recorded Webinar

Sales Tax Compliance When Do-It-Yourself Doesn't Do it Best

How to avoid the pitfalls of manual sales and use tax management

Learn how your business can repurpose time and money spent managing transactional taxes. We will cover common sales tax mistakes and provide strategies for long-term compliance.

Recorded Webinar

Got Nexus?

Common myths about filing in a new state.

Learn what creates nexus - some factors will surprise you - and what to do once you've discovered that you have it. In this introductory webinar, we'll review how states identify companies for audit, nexus questionnaires, state amnesty programs and voluntary disclosure agreements.

Recorded Webinar

How Analytics changed at Sage Summit 2014

Sage Summit showed us all that we need more than traditional reporting now. We also need data discovery and speed-of-thought visual analysis. If you're looking for mobile, that's a must-have, too. And it all has to be easy for the business user to set up and run without IT help. That spells DataSelf Analytics 8.2, the latest release for simplified and amplified best-of-breed ...

Recorded Webinar

Sales & Use Tax Automation with Vertex SMB TaxCentral for Sage 100

Delivering a Cloud-Based Solution for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

The most trusted name in sales tax solutions now has an integrated solution with Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) ERP that allows for automation of your sales tax calculation and returns processes. With Vertex SMB TaxCentral for Sage 100, your tax rates and rules are always up to date - and the tools you need to generate and file accurate and timely returns are just a click away. You will ...

Recorded Webinar

Mobile Sales for Sage 100 ERP - A Whole New Level of Flexibility

At the dawn of the mobile era in business computing Sage is at the forefront of the industry with it's mobile sales, service and payments offerings. But in the greater Sage marketplace there are increasingly more choices to help you grow your business through mobile ERP. iSales 100 by xkzero is a native iPhone and iPad sales and customer service app built exclusively for Sage ...

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