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Sage Extended Solutions (page 5) — Discontinued

(These Sage Extended Solutions are listed for reference only )

Sage has discontinued Extended Solutions, a selection of features and functions not found in the core Sage 100 modules. So the extended solutions on these pages may no longer be available. Nevertheless, Blytheco is committed to updating, improving and supporting many of these Extended Solutions. Extended Solutions have a new name: blyAPPS. If you are interested in any of the solutions shown on this page or have a general inquiry, please fill out our Enhancement Inquiry Form or call us directly at 949-583-9500 x2500.
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Item No. Title Module
JC-1103  Revenue/Conversion Summary Reports  Job Cost 
JC-1108  Apply Markup Percent to Entire Estimate  Job Cost 
JC-1112  Billing Data Entry Defaults  Job Cost 
JC-1114  Consolidated Invoice Printing for Sub-Jobs  Job Cost 
JC-1119  Taxability Indicator for Time and Material Jobs  Job Cost 
JC-1125  Job Invoice Detail Preserved in A/R History  Job Cost 
JC-1128  Job Cost "Commission" Report  Job Cost 
JC-1130  Enhanced Job Copy Function  Job Cost 
JC-1131  User Defined Fields For Job Masterfile and Estimates 
Adds up to thirty User Defined Fields (UDFs) to the Job Masterfile. These new fields are accessible during Job Maintenance, Job Inquiry and Estimate maintenance. You may also set up UDFs to print on the Job Billing Invoice form.
Job Cost 
JC-1132  Alias Job Number Search  Job Cost 
JC-1135  Transaction ´Billed´ Date  Job Cost 
JC-1136  Enhanced Crystal Invoices for Job Cost  Job Cost 
JC-1138  WIP Acct by Cost Code  Job Cost 
JC-1140  Pre-Payments Recorded to Job Cost  Job Cost 
JC-1141  Enhanced Sales Tax Update from Estimates to Jobs  Job Cost 
JC-1143  Job Card Report  Job Cost 
JC-1145  Job Estimate Labor Factors 
Allows you to apply a factor to each line of an estimate that references the Cost Type of Labor and have that factor applied to the calculation of a different Unit Cost Extension.
Job Cost 
JC-1146  Job DTR Update Allowed With Billing in Process 
Allows the Job Daily Transaction Register to be updated from all modules while Job Billing is in process as long as any of the jobs currently being billed are not referenced on the Job DTR selected for update.
Job Cost 
JC-1147  Paperless Office: Job Cost Invoices 
Prints Job Cost Invoices, both graphical and non-graphical, to a PDF file that can be recalled for viewing on a Customer or Job basis. Additional functionality is available if LM-1019: Electronic Forms Delivery is also installed and enabled
Job Cost 
JC-1149  Default Commission to `No` for T&M Cost Entries 
This solution will default the Commission flag to unchecked on all cost entries selected to be billed in Job Billing Entry of Time and Material Jobs.
Job Cost 
JC-1153  Job Number and Cost Code Validation by Employee 
Allows the user to assign employees to a Job Number then maintain which Cost Codes are valid for that Employee Number / Job Number combination for TimeCard Entry.
Job Cost 
LM-1000  System Date Change Utility  Library Master 
LM-1003  Security For Journal And Register Updates  Library Master 
LM-1015  EASY Spelling for MAS 90/200 
Adds on-demand spell checking to any MAS 90•MAS 200 text field.
Library Master 
LM-1016  User ID Password Expiration 
Adds the ability to define a time limit for User ID passwords and when the time has elapsed force the user to change his or her password during the login process.
Library Master 
LM-1018  Paperless Office: Journals and Registers 
Allows printing of MAS 90 MAS 200 journals and registers in PDF format and provides a Viewer utility for the viewing and deleting of PDF documents.
Library Master 
LM-1019  Paperless Office: Electronic Forms Delivery 
Designed to be used in conjunction with other Paperless Office Extended Solutions as a means of delivering documents electronically, either by e-mail or fax. By itself, this Extended Solution can be used as a means to test e-mailing and faxing functionality. This Extended Solution is compatible with many SAGE Software Paperless Office Extended Solutions. Please see the Operations section for more details.
Library Master 
LM-1020  Paperless Office: Period End Processing 
Allows printing of MAS 90•MAS 200 Period End reports in PDF format and provides a Viewer utility for the viewing and deleting of PDF documents.
Library Master 
LM-1021  Eliminate DTR Prompt in A/P. A/R. I/M. P/O. S/O 
In the Library Master this solution removes the `Do you want to print the Daily Transaction Register?` prompt from certain functions in A/P. A/R. P/O. and S/O.
Library Master 
LM-1022  Associated Source Documents for Paperless Office 
Allows the user to associate a PDF source document with each PDF register. The PDF source document can be viewed and may be deleted in the PDF register's viewer.
Library Master 
LM-1024  LM-1018 Integration with Hightower POS Pro, v4.05 
Integrates Extended Solution LM-1018: Paperless Office: Journals and Registers with Hightower’s POS Professional module.
Library Master 
LM-1025  LM-1018 Integration with Hightower TB Pro, v4.05 
Integrates Extended Solution LM-1018: Paperless Office: Journals and Registers with Hightower’s Time and Billing Professional module.
Library Master 
LM-1031  User Login Activity Log  
Creates a log entry each time a user logs in or out of MAS90 MAS200.
Library Master 
MM-1000  Membership Management for MAS 90 [vert. app.] 
Track various information about club members and be aware of the services for which members have shown interest. Also add the Visit Report. Services Report. and Member Selection Report for reporting on the Member Management Module. Requires AR-1108
Membership Management 
MP-1000  Enhanced MRP Report  Material Requirement Planning 
MP-1001  Vendor Number Range on MRP Report 
Adds a Vendor Number and Planner Code selection range to the MRP Report and the Standard MRP Report selector of MRP Generation.
Material Requirement Planning 
MR-1002  Quarterly Reporting For New Mexico 
Adds an option to process Quarterly State Unemployment Insurance returns for the state of New Mexico. This Extended Solution complies with the ‘State of New Mexico Employer’s Guide,’ revised April 1999.
Magnetic Media Reporting 
MR-1003  Quarterly Reporting For Louisianna 
Adds an option to produce the Louisiana Quarterly Wage Report on Magnetic Media per the Louisiana Works, Dept. of Labor publication, Employer's Guide to Magnetic Media Quarter Wage Reporting, revision date August, 2001.
Magnetic Media Reporting 
MR-1004  Quarterly Reporting For Pennsylvania  Magnetic Media Reporting 
MR-1005  Quarterly Reporting For New York  Magnetic Media Reporting 
MR-1006  Quarterly Reporting For Texas 
Adds an option to produce quarterly wage reporting per file specifications document Texas Workforce Commission, Magnetic Media Reporting, dated June, 2003.
Magnetic Media Reporting 
MR-1007  Annual Reporting For Ohio CCA  Magnetic Media Reporting 
PO-1001  Open Purchase Order By Job Report  Purchase Order 
PO-1008  Purchase Order Copying 
Allows you to select a Standard Purchase Order in addition to Master/Repeating Order Numbers when creating a new Purchase Order.
Purchase Order 
PO-1012  Purchase Order Forms Printing Enhancement 
Adds new features and fields to the Purchase Order Printing program.
Purchase Order 
PO-1013  Open Purchase Order Report With Multiple Statuses  Purchase Order 
PO-1014  Purchase Order Retentions 
Adds the ability to post retentions to Accounts Payable from the Purchase Order module.
Purchase Order 
PO-1019  Vendor Item Numbers on Purchase Order Line Items  Purchase Order 
PO-1020  Purchase Orders Created From Sales Orders 
Automatically creates Purchase Orders from Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice line items.
Purchase Order 
PO-1021  Custom Comment Posting to G/L  Purchase Order 
PO-1022  Special Items Clearing Account 
A purchases clearing account can be specified for special and miscellaneous items. This new account functions substantially like the inventory purchases clearing account and will even handle variances between received cost and invoiced cost.
Purchase Order 
PO-1026  Special and Miscellaneous Item Update to Job Cost  Purchase Order 
PO-1029  Open Purchase Order By Job/PO/Item Report  Purchase Order 
PO-1030  Purchase Order Encumbrance  Purchase Order 
PO-1031  Items Purchased To Job As Inventory Issuances 
Allows Purchase Order Receipts that include Inventory Items tagged for a Job Number to be treated as Inventory Issues.
Purchase Order 
PO-1033  Alternate Unit Of Measure 
Adds two new fields, Cost per Alternate Unit of Measurement (CAUM) and Quantity per Alternate Unit of Measure (QAUM), to the Purchase Order Line Entry screen. These two new fields will only be present if the Alternate Unit of Measure Factor (AUMF) for the Inventory Item does not equal zero. The QAUM and CAUM fields may be entered, and whenever they are changed, the respective Quantity fields, Unit Cost and Extension fields may be back-calculated using the AUMF.
Purchase Order 
PO-1034  Receipt Of Goods Import Utility 
Imports Purchase Order Receipt of Goods data from a file directly into the MAS 90 MAS 200 Receipt of Goods file. The record format required for the import file is included on the last page of this manual. Additionally, a Setup option for a ‘Bar Code Receiver Form’ has been added to simplify receiving bar coded items.
Purchase Order 
PO-1035  Contra Accounting for Purchase Order  Purchase Order 
PO-1036  User Defined Fields for Purchase Order 
Adds thirty User Defined Fields (UDFs) to the Purchase Order Entry Header and Receipt of Goods/Invoice screens.
Purchase Order 
PO-1037  Cash Basis Accounting and History 
Provides the ability to operate a cash basis accounting system within MAS 90 MAS 200. In general, this means that posting to the General Ledger module occurs only when an Accounts Payable check is generated to pay an invoice received and posted using the Receipt of Good/Invoice operation in Purchase Order Processing. The functionality of this Extended Solution is substantially similar to AP-1006: Cash Basis Accounting for Accounts Payable. Extended Solution AP-1006 must be installed and enabled
Purchase Order 
PO-1038  Purchase Order Weight and User Defined Category 
Adds six ‘display only’ fields in a new window which will display from the Lines tab. For Inventory Item lines, it displays Weight Each, Weight Extended (Quantity Ordered times Weight Each), Order Total Weight and a User-Defined Inventory Category Code: Each, Extended Amount, and Order Total.
Purchase Order 
PO-1044  Custom Comment Post to Job Cost 
Allows the user to select one of six types of comment postings to the Job Cost transaction detail file. It is designed to be used with Sage Software Extended Solution JC-1005: Vendor Name on Job Cost Transaction Report, JC-1009: Full Item Descriptions, or JC-1044: Project Reports.
Purchase Order 
PO-1047  Enhanced Allocation Of Freight  Purchase Order 
PO-1049  Lot/Serial Information to Job Cost  Purchase Order 
PO-1050  User Defined Line Fields For Purchase Order 
Adds up to 30 new User Defined Fields (UDFs) to Purchase Order Line Item entry. The UDFs may be printed on Purchase Order Forms. The UDFs will be displayed in Purchase Order, Receipt of Goods and Receipt of Invoice line item entry. Each P/O UDF may be associated with specific Product Lines for display and entry.
Purchase Order 
PO-1051  Receipt Label Printing Before Update  Purchase Order 
PO-1054  Warehouse Refresh For P/O Receipt of Goods  Purchase Order 
PO-1058  Purchase Order Data Entry Tracking by User ID 
Records the Date and User Code of the individual who creates a new Purchase Order or who updates an existing Purchase Order.
Purchase Order 
PO-1061  Price and Cost Maintenance From purchase Order  Purchase Order 
PO-1062  Foreign Currency Processing 
Provides a method to enter and maintain Purchase Orders in a foreign currency. The Sage Software Extended Solution AP-1024: Foreign Currency Processing in Accounts Payable must be installed and enabled, and the Purchase Order Module must not be integrated with Sage Software Extended Solution AP-1006: Cash Basis Accounting or PO-1037: Cash Basis Accounting and History Posting in order for this Extended Solution to function.
Purchase Order 
PO-1067  Over Issue Prevention During Material Issues 
Will warn and optionally prevent a user from issuing items if the quantity to be issued exceeds the Quantity On Hand on a Purchase Order of type ‘Material Issue’ as well as on a ‘Material Requisition Issue.’
Purchase Order 
PO-1071  Receipt Update To Not Refresh Purchase Order Unit Cost  Purchase Order 
PO-1074  Item Receipt History in Purchase Order Entry  Purchase Order 
PO-1077  Enhanced Purchase Receipt History Retention  Purchase Order 
PO-1084  Enhanced Auto Reorder Selection to Use Quantity Avaliable 
Add an option to adjust the Purchase Order Automatic Reorder Selection process to calculate a recommended Order Quantity when the Inventory variables controlling reorder equate to less than zero.
Purchase Order 
PO-1085  Six Decimal Precision In Purchase Order 
This part is included in the vertical application DP-1000 that consists of IM-1114, IM-1115, PO-1085 and SO-1160 (SO-1160 is obsolete in v4.10). Adds up to six places of decimal precision for calculations to Purchase Order. Note: SO-1160 was incorporated into v4.10, so DP-1000 will ship w/o it. (see DP-1000 for pricing).
Purchase Order 
PO-1086  Invoice Creation In Sales Order from Purchase Order Receipts 
Adds the ability to automatically create Sales Order Invoices from Purchase Order Receipts that have been invoiced. Sage Software Extended Solution PO-1020: Purchase Orders Created From Sales Order Line Items must be installed and enabled in order for this Extended Solution to function.
Purchase Order 
PO-1094  Landed Cost  Purchase Order 
PO-1097  Purchase Order Memos  Purchase Order 
PO-1104  Password Protection Of Invoice Number Field  Purchase Order 
PO-1114  Warehouse Substitution Based on PO-1036 UDF  Purchase Order 
PO-1115  Enhanced Open Purchase Order Report  Purchase Order 
PO-1116  Auto Create PO's From Selected Line Listing  Purchase Order 
PO-1117  Purchase Order Authorization Levels  Purchase Order 
PO-1118  Receipt Register Update To Write to AP UDF  Purchase Order 
PO-1119  Purchase Order Form Memos  Purchase Order 
PO-1120  Retain Completed Purchase Orders for 9,999 days  Purchase Order 
PO-1121  Items Purchased To Job To Increment Quantity on PO  Purchase Order 
PO-1124  Required Date Default  Purchase Order 
PO-1125  Purchase Order Line Item Sorting Options  Purchase Order 
PO-1126  Purchase Order Import Utility  Purchase Order 
PO-1127  Multiple General Ledger Account Allocation  Purchase Order 
PO-1128  Purchase Order Export Utility  Purchase Order 
PO-1129  Purchase Order Default Control 
Adds several default control features to the Purchase Order module.
Purchase Order 
PO-1132  Purchase Order Number To AP Comment  Purchase Order 
PO-1134  Master Order Quantities Considered 'On PO'  Purchase Order 
PO-1135  UOM Lookup to Display Only I/M Masterfile UOMs 
Purchase Order 
PO-1136  Customer Specific Information  Purchase Order 
PO-1137  Unit Cost Write Back to Drop Ship Sales Order Line 
Writes back the Unit Cost from a Purchase Order line to the Drop Ship Unit Cost field on the associated Drop Ship Sales Order line. If the order has been invoiced, the Drop Ship Unit Cost will also be written back to Accounts Receivable Invoice History. Either the Custom Office module must be enabled or PO-1020: Purchase Orders Created from Sales Orders and SO-1014: User Defined Line Fields for Sales Order will need to be enabled in order for this Extended Solution to function.
Purchase Order 
PO-1138  Inventory Update from ROG When Job Cost Installed 
Purchase Order 
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