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(These Sage Extended Solutions are listed for reference only )

Sage has discontinued Extended Solutions, a selection of features and functions not found in the core Sage 100 modules. So the extended solutions on these pages may no longer be available. Nevertheless, Blytheco is committed to updating, improving and supporting many of these Extended Solutions. Extended Solutions have a new name: blyAPPS. If you are interested in any of the solutions shown on this page or have a general inquiry, please fill out our Enhancement Inquiry Form or call us directly at 949-583-9500 x2500.
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Item No. Title Module
IM-1224  Item Pricing by Delivery Code  Inventory Management 
IM-1226  I/M Transfers With Additional Costs 
Add an Additional Cost field and a G/L Account Number field to the lines tab of I/M Transaction Transfers. You can add costs to Items as they are transferred from one Warehouse to another. and specify the G/L account that will hold the difference.
Inventory Management 
IM-1227  Serial Number Search and Inquiry 
Create an Advanced Lookup Engine window. accessible from a button on I/M Maintenance and Inquiry next to Item Number listing every Serial Number on file for each Inventory Item with a Serial valuation.
Inventory Management 
IM-1228  Fractional Quantity Entry in Item Pricing Maint. 
Modifies the From Quantity and To Quantity fields in Item Pricing Maintenance to allow for fractional quantity entry.
Inventory Management 
IM-1229  Enhanced Item Vendors Maintenance 
Change the way the entries are displayed in I/M Vendor Maintenance. Entries are sorted by Warranty Code/Landed Cost and Vendor Name.
Inventory Management 
IM-1231  Production Scheduling Report 
Add a new Production Scheduling Report to the Inventory Reports menu.
Inventory Management 
IM-1232  I/M Transaction Issue to Display Cost Extension 
Make the Extension Field display during I/M Transaction Issue Entry.
Inventory Management 
IM-1234  Eliminate Avg Cost Recalculation in S/O. I/M. B/M & W/O 
Skips the Average Cost recalculation by item (in IM1) during S/O Sales Journal Update. I/M Transaction Journal Update. I/M Physical Count Update. B/M Production Update. B/M Disassembly Update. and W/O Transaction Update of Issues and Completions.
Inventory Management 
IM-1235  Quantity Required For Bill Of Materials 
Uses Item Warehouse Detail `Quantity Required For WO` field to store `Quantity Required for BM` for all Standard or Kit type Bills referenced on Sales Orders. These Component quantities will subtract from `Qty on Hand` in `Qty Available` calculation.
Inventory Management 
IM-1236  Alias Item Search in Inventory 
Adds the Alias Item Search to Inventory Maintenance and Inquiry.
Inventory Management 
IM-1237  UPC Code Creation 
Adds a UPC Maintenance/Inquiry to Inventory Maintenance and Inquiry.
Inventory Management 
IM-1238  Enhanced Inventory Inquiry Tab 
Makes display changes to the Inquiry tab of the Inventory Maintenance screen.
Inventory Management 
IM-1239  Royalty Calculation and Maintenance 
Adds Royalty Maintenance to the I/M Setup menu, a Royalty Percent field to Item Vendors Maintenance, a Royalty Edit Maintenance feature to AP Setup, and a Royalty Purge Utility to the A/P Period End menu.
Inventory Management 
IM-1240  Bill Maintenance from Inventory Maintenance 
Adds a new `BOM Setup` button to the Inventory Maintenance Options tab.
Inventory Management 
IM-1241  Unique Serial Numbers per Item 
Checks for use of a Serial Number in all Warehouses (rather than just the warehouse the Item is being received into) when Serial Numbers are received in Purchase Order Receipt Entry and I/M Receipt Entry.
Inventory Management 
IM-1242  I/M Inquiry to Display Many Warehouses 
This EASY Solution™ expands the I/M Inquiry window to display more warehouses and their quantities in a separate list box. This list box contains some alternate columns and uses an alternate calculation of Quantity Available.
Inventory Management 
IM-1244  Inactive Item Designation 
Allows you to designate certain items as ‘inactive’ by means of a check-box type Inventory Item Custom Office UDF. Sales Order Entry, Sales Order Invoice Entry, Purchase Order Entry, P/O Receipt of Goods Entry, P/O Return of Goods Entry, and I/M Transaction Entry will all be modified to disallow entry of Items that have a checked ‘inactive’ UDF.
Inventory Management 
IM-1248  Return of Goods Quantity to Impact 'On S/O'  
Will make the Return Order type Purchase Order ‘Qty to Return’ affect the Item Warehouse Detail file’s ‘On S/O’ bucket. The Inquiry tab of Inventory Maintenance and Inventory Inquiry has been modified to display a list of P/O Returns that reference this Item Number. In order to enable this Extended Solution PO-1178: Return Type Purchase Orders must be enabled.
Inventory Management 
IM-1254  Quantity to Print by Line for Item Receipt Labels  
Allows the user to specify the number of graphical Barcode Receipt Labels to be printed by line in Inventory Transaction Receipt entry. The BarCode module must be Activated.
Inventory Management 
im-1260  Varying Label Quantity by Item  
Adds the following features to graphical Inventory Label Printing: • An option to print by Range of Serial Numbers • The ability to print Lot/Serial Numbers on the label • The ability to edit the number of labels to print for each Item/Serial/Warehouse combination that is selected.
Inventory Management 
IM-1263  Vendor Quote Maintenance  
Creates a single screen view of various Inventory Item related data currently found in I/M Maintenance, P/O Receipt History and A/R Invoice History. It also adds a place to record and maintain Vendor quotes.
Inventory Management 
IM-1268  Enhanced GL Posting Comment from Transaction Entry 
Modifies the posting remark from IM Transaction Journal Update to the General Ledger. The General Ledger Posting Comment will be appended with the Inventory Transaction Reference Number and the Inventory Transaction Header Comment.
Inventory Management 
IT-1000  Internet.Sales 
Allows salespeople access to customer data via the e-Business Manager module and from the internet. Orders can be placed while viewing costs, adding line item discounts, and flagging ‘drop-shipped’ items. Access is limited to customers assigned to a specific salesperson.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1001  Submitted Orders To Have Hold Status  eBusiness Manager 
IT-1002  Desired Ship Date Control  eBusiness Manager 
IT-1003  Enhanced View Open Sales Order  eBusiness Manager 
IT-1004  Enhanced View Invoice Information  eBusiness Manager 
IT-1005  Enhanced E-mail Notification  eBusiness Manager 
IT-1006  Bill of Materials Option Selection  eBusiness Manager 
IT-1007  E-Mail From Order Detail  eBusiness Manager 
IT-1008  Ship To Address Creation 
Modifies the Ship To Information to allow any new Ship To Address or changes to existing Ship To Addresses to be updated on the fly and accessible to the user from Shopping Cart Check Out. New Addresses will be auto-assigned the next ship to address code number.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1009  Enhanced View Item Detail  eBusiness Manager 
IT-1011  SO-1312 Integration with e-Business Manager  eBusiness Manager 
IT-1012  SO-1068 Integration with e-Business Manager 
Makes Kit Explosion Convert Components to Items as part of the Manual Acceptance process for any e-Business Manager-enabled Kit type Item. Sage Software Extended Solutions SO-1068: Kit Explosion to Convert Components to Items must be installed and enabled for this Extended Solution to function.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1013  e-Business Integration with AR-1127/SO-1005 
Modifies the .order applet to reflect the item pricing of SO-1005: Price Level By Customer/Product Line and AR-1127: Price Level By Customer/Product Line during internet access. Extended Solutions SO-1005: Price Level By Customer/Product Line and AR-1127: Price Level By Customer/Product Line must be installed and enabled.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1014  Alternate Items Descriptions in e-Business Manager  eBusiness Manager 
IT-1015  ‘Blind Ship’Flag Entry in Shpping Cart Checkout  eBusiness Manager 
IT-1016  E-Business Manager Defaults  eBusiness Manager 
IT-1017  Enhanced Display of Products to Purchase 
In the store applet of e-Business Manager this solution allows the user to `rank` each IT enabled item so that they will display on the Product and Services pages in that order.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1018  e-Business Manager integration with SO-1375 
Causes all orders that originate in e-Business Manager to have the same warehouse value they would have if they had been keyed in manually with SO-1375. Warehouse Default by Ship To Zip installed and enabled.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1020  Specify Warehouse Code by Order  eBusiness Manager 
IT-1021  SO-1419 Integration with e-Business Manager 
Enables SO-1419 Freight Rate As Percentage Of Order/Invoice Total to function in e-Business Manager shopping cart checkout.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1022  Comments and Special Instructions for .store 
Add the ‘Comments and Special Instructions’ section currently found on the .order Checkout screen to the .store Checkout screen.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1023  Additional Y/N Questions at Checkout for .store 
This solution to the e-Business Manager .store applet will allow you to define additional Yes/No questions to the .store Shopping Cart Checkout screen.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1024  SO-1271 Integration with e-Business Manager 
Integrates SO-1271: Authorized Purchase Control by Customer into the e-Business Manager module.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1025  Comment Code Suppression 
Allows the user to suppress the display of comment lines (either All of a range of Codes) in the e-Business Manager .inquiry applet’s drill down into Open Sales Orders, Sales Order History, and Invoices.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1026  e-Business Manager Integration with SO-1004 
This solution to the e-Business Manager module provides integration for SO-1004 and First and Last Name Maintenance On-The-Fly when importing orders from .store.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1027  .vendor Applet 
Adds a new .vendor applet for Vendor Inquiry to MAS200 e-Business Manager. to enable vendors to access their own individual vendor account through the e-Business Manager module on an inquiry basis.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1028  Category Default by Web Page of Origin for .store 
This solution to the e-Business Manager .store applet allows you to specify the category to bring up on the .store site based on the category from which the customer is shopping on a separate site.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1029  Multiple Shopping Carts in .order 
This solution to the .order applet allows the user to set up multiple shopping carts.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1030  Restrict Qty to Order by Ship To/Item 
This solution to the standard MAS 90•MAS 200 e-Business Manager module restricts quantity to order by Customer Ship To Code/Item.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1031  Alternate Items Availability 
Adds a new Alternate Items hyperlink to the View Item Detail page. which. when clicked. will present the user with all IT-enabled Alternate Item Numbers associated with the previous Item. its Description. and the Qty Available.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1032  EBM Integration with CM-1008 
This solution adds integration for CM-1008, User Defined Fields for Customer Ship To Address, and to e-Business Manager Sales Order creation.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1033  Product Search By Manufacturer 
This solution to the .order and .store applets adds the option to search products by an Item`s Primary Vendor´s Name.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1034  Shopping Cart UDFs to Display in Product Search 
This solution adds two specified Shopping Cart UDFs to the Product Search page (products_nt2_multi.htm) template for .order and .store.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1035  UDFs as Inventory Hyperlinks in Product Search 
If either of the specified UDFs in the Setup of IT-1034, Shopping Cart UDFs to Display in Product Search , are valid Inventory items that are IT-Enabled, then the UDF value will display as a hyperlink on the Product Search page. If the user clicks on one of these hyperlinks, then the Item Number in the hyperlink will replace the Item Number with which the UDF is associated.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1036  Standard Unit Of Measure Displayed in .store 
This EASY Solution™ displays quantities and unit prices in standard unit of measure in the .store applet.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1037  Item Pricing By Total Quantity  
Integrates SO-1173: Item Pricing By Total Quantity with e-Business Manager for .order and .store applets. SO-1173: Item Pricing By Total Quantity must be installed and enabled for this Extended Solution to function. And it only supports the Item Pricing Method: Category Code Total Quantity
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1038  .timecard applet 
Allows for remote employee time entry via a website. Employees are associated with a supervisor for web based TimeCard entry approval; supervisors’ approval will trigger the update of the entries to MAS200 TimeCard. E-mail notification has been modified to let Supervisors know when they have entries to review and will let Employees know when their Supervisor has approved their entries. Job Cost integration is supported.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1039  .timecard Integration with Piecework for Payroll  
Integrates IT-1038: .timecard applet and TC-1010: Piecework for Payroll & TimeCard’s ‘Pay Rate * No of Pieces’ calculation method. IT-1038: .timecard applet and TC-1010: Piecework for Payroll & TimeCard must both be installed and enabled in order for this to function. Additional functionality is available if TC-1045: Employee Rate or Cost Code Rate by Cost Code is enabled.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1040  Order Total Discount by Order Total Amount  
Modifies the Shopping cart to calculate the Order Total Discount each time the user accesses the Shopping Cart Checkout screen based on the rules set forth in SO-1385: Order Total Discount by Order Total Amount. SO-1385: Order Total Discount by Order Total Amount must be installed and enabled for this Extended Solution to function.
eBusiness Manager 
IT-1041  Restrict Access to Shopping Cart for .store 
The user will shop for items on another website, and the action of clicking to purchase the item on that website will feed the Item Number and Quantity into the eBM Shopping Cart based on what is being passed in the http request from the other website.
eBusiness Manager 
JC-1000  Inventory Price Transfer 
Affects the way inventory items are priced for a customer. This Extended Solution allows each job that has inventory items issued to it to have its own pricing methodology by having the items priced using Retail, Standard, Sales Order or the normal Job Cost Price.
Job Cost 
JC-1001  Enhanced Job Invoice Format  Job Cost 
JC-1005  Vendor Name on Job Cost Transaction Report 
Substitutes the Vendor Name for the Vendor Number/Invoice Number on the Job Cost Transaction Detail Report for postings originating from the Accounts Payable module and for postings whose Cost Type is ‘Subcontract.’
Job Cost 
JC-1007  Revenue Posting by Cost Code/Cost Type 
Changes the way job revenue is posted to General Ledger. Normally the revenue and deferred revenue accounts are specified by Job Type; all revenue from a job will post to these accounts. This Extended Solution allows revenue to be posted and tracked according to the Cost Code and Cost Type which generated the revenue.
Job Cost 
JC-1009  Full Item Descriptions 
Allows the full description of inventory items to print on the Billing Selection Register, Job Transaction Detail Report and Job Invoices. The full descriptions are issued to a job from Inventory or received to a job from Purchase Order. Sage Extended Solutions IM-1090: Extended Item Information Posting to Job Cost and/or PO-1044: Custom Comment Post to Job Cost must be installed and enabled in order for this Extended Solution to function.
Job Cost 
JC-1011  Pre-Payment Deposits  Job Cost 
JC-1012  Enhanced Burden & Overhead Allocation Posting 
Handles the posting of burden and overhead. Standard MAS 90 MAS 200 posts burden and overhead at the rates specified by job type/cost type. With this Extended Solution, burden and overhead can be posted to the accounts at the rate specified for a particular cost code/cost type and overhead can further be posted according to a ‘Schedule.’ When posting by schedule, many options have been added: selective posting by job, support for two types of overhead with different rates, rate overrides by j
Job Cost 
JC-1019  Date Sensitive Job Cost Report  Job Cost 
JC-1022  Enhanced Change Order  Job Cost 
JC-1026  Job-To-Date Custom Report  Job Cost 
JC-1028  Bill Rate Printing For Percent Markup Items  Job Cost 
JC-1029  Job Invoices With Comment Block 
Adds the ability to include a comment block on Fixed Price and Time and Material invoices.
Job Cost 
JC-1034  Job Analysis Report With Cost Type Tools  Job Cost 
JC-1035  Job Cost Reports With Commitments 
Job Cost Code Detail Report and Job Cost Transaction Detail Report will include a new option to print Purchase Order Commitments. These ‘commitments’ are calculated as the dollar amounts for all Purchase Order Line Items that reference a Job, and are summarized by Job Number, Cost Code and Cost Type. This amount includes only Open Items by default, but you may optionally include Fully Received Items.
Job Cost 
JC-1038  Cost of Sale Post by Cost Code 
Allows for specification of a Cost-Of-Sales account number by Cost Code.
Job Cost 
JC-1042  Revenue & Expense G/L Accounts by Job  Job Cost 
JC-1043  Enhanced Security In J/C  Job Cost 
JC-1044  Project Reports  Job Cost 
JC-1045  B & O Tax Processing for Washington State  Job Cost 
JC-1046  Job Status Posting Control 
Allows you to create a list of allowable job statuses for Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Job Cost, Inventory and Payroll. A Job Number whose status does not appear on this list cannot be entered. A message box will appear showing the requested Job's status and the allowable job statuses for the selected module.
Job Cost 
JC-1047  User Definable Field Titles  Job Cost 
JC-1059  Custom Job Cost Summary Report  Job Cost 
JC-1060  Sort Field Maintenance And Validation  Job Cost 
JC-1062  Cost Code Phase Summary Report  Job Cost 
JC-1063  Cost Code/Cost Type Report  Job Cost 
JC-1065  Factory Norms By Cost Code  Job Cost 
JC-1069  Job Cost Phase Roll Up Report  Job Cost 
JC-1073  Automatic "Next" Job Number Assignment  
Allows the next available job number to be automatically assigned in Job Masterfile Maintenance and Estimate Update To Job.
Job Cost 
JC-1074  Perpetual History By Cost Type  Job Cost 
JC-1080  Sales Tax Calculated On Cost  Job Cost 
JC-1081  Unit Cost By Cost Code Report  Job Cost 
JC-1083  Batch Processing Of Job Billing Entry  Job Cost 
JC-1089  Calculation Of Bill Rate From Cost  Job Cost 
JC-1090  Enhanced Job Billing Recap Report  Job Cost 
JC-1091  Billing Items Consolidation  Job Cost 
JC-1095  Bill Rate Specified By Job/Employee/Cost Code  Job Cost 
JC-1096  Enhanced Job Close Out Report  Job Cost 
JC-1101  Estimated Cost Comparison in Job Cost  Job Cost 
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