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(These Sage Extended Solutions are listed for reference only )

Sage has discontinued Extended Solutions, a selection of features and functions not found in the core Sage 100 modules. So the extended solutions on these pages may no longer be available. Nevertheless, Blytheco is committed to updating, improving and supporting many of these Extended Solutions. Extended Solutions have a new name: blyAPPS.If you are interested in any of the solutions shown on this page or have a general inquiry, please fill out our Enhancement Inquiry Form or call us directly at 949-583-9500 x2500.
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Item No. Title Module
GL-1043  Billion Dollar Support  General Ledger 
GL-1046  Secondary Company Posting Of GL Detail 
Adds the ability to specify a Secondary Company Code for G/L Detail Posting. During the update of any transaction to the GL Detail Posting file, the G/L transaction detail data of the originating company will post in its entirety to the G/L Daily Posting file of the specified Secondary Company Code.
General Ledger 
GL-1047  General Ledger Export to CLIME  General Ledger 
GL-1048  Allocation Schedule  General Ledger 
GL-1049  Net Change Journal Entries for Duplicate Companies  General Ledger 
GL-1053  Secondary Installation Posting of GL Detail  General Ledger 
GL-1054  Multiple Company G/L Account Sync 
Synchronizes GL Account information across multiple companies.
General Ledger 
GL-1055  ´Inactive´ GL Account Security  General Ledger 
GL-1056  ´Due To´/´Due From´ Account Support of GL-1034 
Add additional posting functionality to GL-1034. Multiple Company General Journal Entry. Additional General Ledger entries will be created to offsetting Due To and Due From accounts and a new Company Code Offset Account Maintenance program.
General Ledger 
GL-1057  Multiple Company Transaction Journal Entry 
Add the ability to specify a Company Code as part of the Transaction Journal distribution line entry. Upon Journal update. offset account postings will be made to the specified Agent Debit account and to the specified Subsidiary Companies Credit account.
General Ledger 
GL-1058  Multiple Company Recurring Journal Entry 
Allows multi-company recurring journal entry in one company and adds the ability to specify a Company Code as part of the General Journal distribution line entry.
General Ledger 
GL-1059  Multiple Company Allocation Journal Entry 
Adds a company code to each line during Allocation Maintenance. GL-1034, Multiple Company General Journal Entry is required.
General Ledger 
GL-1060  Daily Amortization Utility for Service Contracts 
Provides an amortization utility which uses a daily rate for the purpose of recognizing revenue on service contracts (Sales Order Invoices). These service contracts can have varying terms: 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, for example. The start and stop date of each contract is defined in the Invoice header, stored in Custom Office User Defined fields. As part of the utility’s function, journal postings would then be created for each service contract for the monthly accrual amount calculated a
General Ledger 
GL-1061  Bank Reconciliation Integration with General Journal  
Allows you to associate Bank Codes with specific General Ledger Account Numbers by Source Journal. When that Source Journal is referenced in General Journal update then it will post each line’s transaction amount to the Bank Code associated with that account as a ‘Deposit’ type Bank Reconciliation transaction.
General Ledger 
GL-1062  Intra-Company Due To/Due From for General Journal  
Will generate offset Agent and offset Subsidiary GL account postings whenever a Subsidiary (Non-Agent) GL account is posted to during General Journal Update.
General Ledger 
IM-1001  Inventory Diagnostics  Inventory Management 
IM-1006  Enhanced Label Printing  Inventory Management 
IM-1007  Unit of Measure Conversion Factor with Six Decimals  Inventory Management 
IM-1008  Inventory Reports Not To Choose Zeros  Inventory Management 
IM-1009  Merge Inventory Items by Product Line  Inventory Management 
IM-1011  I/M Transaction Entry Import Utility 
This utility imports Inventory Transaction data from an ASCII data file created by a bar code reader directly into the MAS 90 MAS 200 Inventory Transaction files for Sales, Issues, Transfers and Receipts. It also imports Physical Count records into the Physical Inventory file. The record format required for the ASCII import file is included on the last pages of this manual.
Inventory Management 
IM-1015  Extended Item Description 
This Extended Solution to the Inventory, Sales Order, Accounts Receivable and Purchase Order modules expands the inventory item description to 50 characters and adds two additional lines of description (40 characters each line). It also adds a new 25-character ‘Part Number’ field for each item in inventory. You can use part or all the Extended Descriptions and Part Number fields.
Inventory Management 
IM-1027  Cross Referenced Item Numbers 
This Extended Solution to the Sales Order, Purchase Order and Inventory modules provides a method for cross referencing an item number to a ‘main’ item number.
Inventory Management 
IM-1030  Valuation Report With Summary Option  Inventory Management 
IM-1035  Valuation Report Sorted by Category 
Adds the ability to use four user-definable categories as sort options for the Inventory Valuation Report.
Inventory Management 
IM-1038  Alternate Unit Of Measure 
Adds an Alternate Unit of Measure (AUM), and Alternate Unit of Measure Factor (AUMF) to Product Line Maintenance and Item Maintenance.
Inventory Management 
IM-1042  Customer Specific Item Numbers  Inventory Management 
IM-1046  Warehouse/Company Merge Utility  Inventory Management 
IM-1047  Inventory Commitments To A Job 
Provides the ability to track commitments of an item to a job by warehouse.
Inventory Management 
IM-1049  Vendor Rebates 
Allows Vendor Rebates to be set up and maintained for Item Number/Customer combinations. A report can be generated that reflects rebate information and totals by Invoice.
Inventory Management 
IM-1050  Price List by Price Level  Inventory Management 
IM-1055  Calculate Standard Price From Vendor Price  Inventory Management 
IM-1058  Consolidated Issues To Job Cost  Inventory Management 
IM-1059  Lot/Serial Information To Job Cost Detail  Inventory Management 
IM-1060  Last Cost by Warehouse  Inventory Management 
IM-1063  Detail Transaction Report with Lot/Serial Number Range  Inventory Management 
IM-1064  Bar Coded Lot/Serial Numbers on Inventory Labels  Inventory Management 
IM-1069  Contract Pricing By Valid Date 
Adds three additional options for Customer/Date, Price Level/Date, and Customer/Price Level/Date to Inventory Item Pricing. Sales Orders and Sales Order Invoices will check for this new pricing method and if a match is found, will substitute this pricing method over the MAS 90 MAS 200 standard pricing method. This Extended Solution does not function with IM-1097 Additional Pricing Tiers for Item Pricing.
Inventory Management 
IM-1076  Inventory Transaction Summary Report 
Adds a new report (see Specific Purpose Rule) that summarizes Inventory transactions from Sales Orders by item. The report displays the Item Number, Item Description, Beginning Quantity, Quantity Sold, Quantity Purchased, Quantity Adjusted, Quantity On Hand, Dollars Sold, Dollars Purchased, Dollars Adjusted and Gross Markup for a specified date range.
Inventory Management 
IM-1077  User Defined Inventory Masterfile Fields 
Creates up to 30 User Defined Fields (UDFs) for Inventory items.
Inventory Management 
IM-1079  Perpetual Inventory Sales History  Inventory Management 
IM-1087  Picking Ticket Printing From Inventory Receipts  Inventory Management 
IM-1088  User Defined Fields For Warehouses 
Creates 30 new User Defined Fields for each I/M Warehouse Code.
Inventory Management 
IM-1089  Sales History Report Enhancement  Inventory Management 
IM-1090  Extended Item Information Posting to Job Cost 
When used in conjunction with the Sage Software Extended Solution JC-1009: Full Item Descriptions, causes the Inventory Transaction Item Number, Description and Header Comment to be updated to JC-1009. This allows them to be printed on Job Cost Invoices and various reports. Refer to the JC-1009 manual for information regarding which reports are affected.
Inventory Management 
IM-1095  Enhanced Sales Order Inquiry Display with Print Option  Inventory Management 
IM-1096  Product Line Sales By Customer Report  Inventory Management 
IM-1097  Additional Pricing Tiers for Item Pricing 
Adds new tiers, for a total of 20 tiers, to Customer and Item Pricing and Price Codes. Each tier can be based on a Unit Price or Flat Fee pricing method. Optionally, you may associate a standard comment line with each pricing tier and have that comment automatically added to a Sales Orders or Sales Order Invoice.
Inventory Management 
IM-1099  User Defined Fields In Product Line Management 
Creates up to 30 User Defined Fields (UDFs) for Product Line Maintenance. The new UDFs may be defined as String or Uppercase String with up to 60 characters. They may also be defined as Date UDFs, Yes or No Flags, Numeric with a mask of up to 10 digits, or G/L Account Number. The General Ledger account number UDF will be validated through the G/L Masterfile. UDF Types Upper, String, Date and Numeric may be validated during Maintenance by creating validation entries using the provided Validati
Inventory Management 
IM-1105  Font Control For Inventory Labels  Inventory Management 
IM-1111  Security For Inventory Inquiry 
Adds security to the Inventory Inquiry Screen, I/M Detailed Sales History Inquiry Option, and Purchase Order Inquiry from Inventory Inquiry. The security prevents the user from entering certain options and seeing cost or vendor information.
Inventory Management 
IM-1114  Expanded Numeric Mask For Price/Cost/Quantity 
Allows you to increase the Unit Price, Unit Cost and Quantity decimal masks to the right of the decimal. The sizes of the fields are not changed. This part is included in the vertical application DP-1000 that consists of SO-1160, IM-1114, IM-1115, & PO-1085. It adds up to six places of decimal precision for calculations in I/M. Note: SO-1160 was incorporated into v4.10, so DP-1000 will ship w/o it. (see DP-1000 for pricing).
Inventory Management 
IM-1115  Six Decimal Precision For Inventory 
This part is included in the vertical application DP-1000 that consists of SO-1160, IM-1114, IM-1115, & PO-1085. It adds up to six places of decimal precision for calculations in I/M. Note: SO-1160 was incorporated into v4.10, so DP-1000 will ship w/o it. (see DP-1000 for pricing).
Inventory Management 
IM-1118  Sales History Report by Salesperson and Product Line  Inventory Management 
IM-1119  'Physical Count' Entry By Ticket Number 
Adds data entry options for ‘Ticket Number Entry’ to the Inventory Management Physical Count process for all valuation methods, except Lot and Serial Number. Multiple item records may now be entered for each ‘Ticket’ Number. You can specify in Setup which Unit of Measure you wish to use for the counting process.
Inventory Management 
IM-1124  Transaction Detail Purge by Item Range  Inventory Management 
IM-1126  Line Duplication In Receipt Entry  Inventory Management 
IM-1127  Smart Calculations On Lot/Serial User Defined Fields  Inventory Management 
IM-1131  Customer Contract Price Maintenance  Inventory Management 
IM-1135  Instant Item Description Key Word Search 
Extended Solution to the Inventory Management, Sales Order and Purchase Order modules: adds the Quantity Available column and additional search capability to Inventory Item Lookup. And from the Sales Order Inquiry Menu: ‘Key Word Search into Standard Pricing’ and ‘Key Word Search into Customer Pricing.’
Inventory Management 
IM-1137  Always Taxable Item Designation  Inventory Management 
IM-1146  Item Listing With Warehouse Designation  Inventory Management 
IM-1151  Inventory Usage/Product Sales Report  Inventory Management 
IM-1153  Reorder Information Recalculation Utility 
Inventory Management 
IM-1154  Security by Warehouse 
Adds security by warehouse to Bill Of Materials, Inventory Management, Purchase Order and Sales Order. Users without clearance will not be allowed to enter Warehouse Codes in various Reports, Inquiry and Data Entry Screens. You may choose if users should be included or excluded in the Setup for this Extended Solution.
Inventory Management 
IM-1161  Item Cost Change Utility 
Adds the Item Cost Change Utility for inventory items with a FIFO/LIFO/Lot/Serial number valuation method.
Inventory Management 
IM-1163  Inventory Maintenance Defaults  Inventory Management 
IM-1168  Price Code Pricing Records by Unit of Measure  Inventory Management 
IM-1177  Daily Physical Count  Inventory Management 
IM-1179  Item Pricing Lookup By Price Level  Inventory Management 
IM-1183  Graduated Pricing  Inventory Management 
IM-1188  Enhanced Inventory Receipt Cost Determination  Inventory Management 
IM-1190  Steel Fabrication Enhancements  Inventory Management 
IM-1191  User Defined Fields For Lot/Serial Numbers 
Adds up to thirty User Defined Fields (UDFs) to the Inventory Item Costing file for Lot and Serial Numbers.
Inventory Management 
IM-1192  Customer Pricing Inquiry  Inventory Management 
IM-1193  Serial Numbers to Use Actual Cost  Inventory Management 
IM-1194  Item Receipt History Inquiry with Drill Down  Inventory Management 
IM-1195  Alias Item Number Auto Increment and Prefix  Inventory Management 
IM-1196  Open Order Display of Lot Valued Item  Inventory Management 
IM-1197  Pricing Records With Range Of Dollars  Inventory Management 
IM-1199  Cost Code/Cost Type by Item Number 
Adds the ability to create an association between Inventory and non-Inventory Items and a Job Cost Code/Cost Type. Each Inventory/non-Inventory Item can be assigned one associated Cost Code/Cost Type. These values will default into the appropriate fields during Inventory Transaction Entry and Purchase Order Entry.
Inventory Management 
IM-1200  Enhanced Warehouse Transfer Functionality 
Inventory Management 
IM-1201  Direct Inventory Quantity Adjustment  Inventory Management 
IM-1202  Additional Data Fields for Serialized Item  Inventory Management 
IM-1203  Extended Description Display in I/M Inquiry  Inventory Management 
IM-1205  Standard Batch Processing in I/M Transaction 
Adds standard MAS 90 MAS 200 style Batch Processing in I/M Transaction Entry (all Transaction Types). This Extended Solution is not compatible with IM-1113: Batch Processing of Inventory Transaction Entry.
Inventory Management 
IM-1206  Alternate Mask for Base Commission  Inventory Management 
IM-1207  Restricted Display of Search and Lookup 
Restricts the item listing display for lookup lists and searches in the Item Number fields in various places. Sage Extended Solution IM-1077: User Defined Inventory Masterfile Fields must be installed and enabled for this Extended Solution to function.
Inventory Management 
IM-1208  Customer Price Record Copy Utility  Inventory Management 
IM-1209  Lot Number Change During Warehouse Transfer  Inventory Management 
IM-1210  Virtual Warehouse 
Allows you to specify virtual MAS90 warehouses and associate them with a physical warehouse. Sales Order and Purchase Order entry have been modified to check that only warehouses associated with a single physical warehouse are referenced on the lines.
Inventory Management 
IM-1211  Credit Account by Line in I/M Transaction Receipts  Inventory Management 
IM-1212  Item Pricing by Customer/Ship To/Warehouse 
Adds a new Item Pricing option: by Customer/Ship To Code/Warehouse.
Inventory Management 
IM-1213  Inventory Period Sales Analysis Report  Inventory Management 
IM-1214  Item Memo Pop-up in SO and PO 
Adds the ability to specify certain I/M Memos to pop up during Purchase Order and/or Sales Order line entry.
Inventory Management 
IM-1215  Additional Amount Field in Item/Price Code Pricing  Inventory Management 
IM-1216  Customer Pricing display in IM Maintenance & Inquiry  Inventory Management 
IM-1217  Additional Pricing Methods in Item Pricing  Inventory Management 
IM-1220  Apparel Matrix for Inventory and Sales Order 
Enables you to specify an item as a ‘Master’ Item and to setup a list of ‘Associated’ Items for each Master Item. During Sales Order Entry, as you key in a Master Item, a list of all of its Associated Items will pop up. You can browse this list, filling in quantities to order for each of the Associated Items. As you exit this window, Sales Order lines will be populated with the selected items in the window and the appropriate order quantity.
Inventory Management 
IM-1222  Enhanced Detailed Transaction Inquiry  Inventory Management 
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