Plug-and-Play Sage 100!

The AppEazy System for Sage 100 — Introducing the World's first plug-and-play Financial Accounting system solution, with one of the world's best selling financial accounting software applications already built-in: The AppEazy System for Sage 100 from AppEazy Technologies, Inc.

What is The AppEazy System for Sage 100? This is an all-inclusive total solution, combining the power of Sage 100 preinstalled on a highly reliable network server for both existing customer upgrades and new prospects. With the Sage 100 system, you can have all the power and flexibility of Sage 100 installed and running in minutes instead of days. The system arrives preinstalled with the correct operating system, user licenses, and Sage 100 software. The systems plug-and-play technology removes any potential complexities of integrating Sage 100 into other servers or desktop PC's. This unique system allows authorized Sage 100 users to get running immediately through any existing PC or Laptop without any installation, compatibility, or maintenance hassles.

Here's How it Works — First, decide how many Sage 100 users you will have at the same time. The base system handles 1 to 20 concurrent users from any number of local or remote locations; each expansion system adds up to 20 users. Customers order the appropriate system from Blytheco. Simply plug the device into your network and it will assign itself an available IP address. Give your authorized users the web page address provided to you to connect to the system. When each user connects to the page and enters their ID and password for the first time, their PC is automatically configured to connect to their new Sage 100 AppEazy within 60 seconds. The total setup time for 20 users is 25 minutes!

Key Benefits of The AppEazy System:
  • Save Money—Dramatically reduces the time and cost of installation, avoiding expensive labor charges of installing custom-built servers and interruption of important work schedules.
  • Save Time—You are up and running in minutes.
  • Performance Boost—Allows users with any PC or laptop running Windows 98 or above to use Sage 100 at its full performance, regardless of the performance of their PCs.
  • Remote Access—Allow authorized users to access Sage 100 over the Internet from any remote location.
  • Remote Support—Automate ongoing Sage 100 software updates and improve remote technical support. Blytheco can perform remote support and maintenance on your system over the internet.
  • Improved Reliability—Your AppEazy server runs only Sage 100 and it does it perfectly day in and day out regardless of what else is happening to the user's PC. Your system will run for years with no user intervention other than data backup.
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