Sage X3 Sales accesses the latest data about business partners and products. Sold-to, ship-to, bill-to, and pay-by information is standard on sales documents while customer product-level information can be accessed to assure a personalized, customer-driven order entry environment. Supporting information—such as product substitutes and supersessions, notes, previous orders and prices, and special customer packaging—can either be displayed automatically or by user request. Sage X3 also supports sales kits with fixed components or as special configurations using variants and options. Shipping functions use customer-specific information to schedule deliveries on the right day and to enforce complete shipments of orders or line items as required.

Sage X3 Sales Management Spec Sheet

Flexible Pricing Rules

Sage X3 promotes flexible pricing that helps companies achieve a mix of customer value and profits. By combining key elements from customer and product master data, companies can exploit a wide variety of pricing methods like contracts, promotions, sales channel prices, and variable kit pricing.

Flexible Order Acceptance and Processing

Sage X3 supports a variety of ways to facilitate building and optimizing long-term relationships with business partners. Quotes can easily be turned into orders, contracts can be defined, and releases scheduled for fixed and long-term planning horizons.

Inventory Allocation and Delivery Scheduling

Inventory can be allocated to orders immediately or deferred to a separate process that allocates based on user-defined criteria. Sage X3 also supports the ability to reserve inventory for key customers in advance of receiving their orders and to allocate by lot number as required.

Order/Shipment Preparation

Shipment Preparation provides a flexible process for managing warehouse and customer order deliveries. Orders can be processed individually or grouped. These options allow customers to tailor the process to maximize their return on warehouse personnel and equipment.

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