New! MyX3Admin Plan Ensures Your X3 System is Optimized

Whether you need maintenance on your X3 system, log purging or archiving data, or other projects necessary to keep X3 working as the optimal solution for your organization, Blytheco is here to help. With Blytheco’s MyX3Admin Support Plan, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your administrative activities are being managed by a team of experts who know what you need.

What’s the plan?

You can customize the plan to fit your needs. We’ll design the plan with you, and throughout the month, your Blytheco team member will manage your X3 system just as if you had an onsite admin doing the work.

What’s included?

We can manage all the recommended tasks that an X3 system admin should be doing on a regular basis. You choose the tasks, we do the work! We offer tasks within various categories:

  • Batch Management - monitoring batch queue for errors to adding new tasks to batch
  • Security and Auditing - setting up new users to adjusting security
  • Output Activity - dashboard adjustments to defaulting a report on a screen
  • Data Management - changing field descriptions to imports
  • System Management - keeping a test environment refreshed with LIVE data to changing system vocabulary
  • Third Party and Native Integration Management - troubleshooting a crystal report to working directly with EDI interface
  • Graphical Interface - changing the sort order on a left list to adding a global memo
  • Other – ask us about your particular need

See How the MyX3Admin Can Customize and Optimize Your System

What's the ROI?

Save Money

A dedicated in-house system administrator can cost organizations a full-time employee’s salary or more for larger, complex X3 systems. Our remote support program can save you significant dollars and overhead, while leveraging our resources who are deep experts in Sage X3.

Save Time

Training and onboarding a new system admin could take an upwards of 6 months to a year to become proficient in the system. Blytheco’s MyX3Admin Plan eliminates the onboarding learning curve. Your system will be managed right away!

Eliminate Risks

Don’t let employee departures or time off delay your X3 projects. With the MyX3Admin plan, you have the support you need from a consistent, reliable expert, who will ensure there are no gaps in system management.

Maximize System Effeciency

With our pooled X3 knowledge and talent at your fingertips, your system will be expertly optimized. Your X3 admin support team will maximize your system and keep X3 operating smoothly and efficiently.

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