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Sage X3 Purchasing accesses the latest data about business partners and products. Buy-from, pay-to, and bill-from information is defaulted on purchasing documents, while specific product-level information can be used for sending documents to suppliers using their own nomenclature to facilitate error-free transactions. Supporting information—such as supplier performance metrics, notes, previous purchase prices, and current promotions—can be displayed automatically or by user request. Buyers can easily access product information supporting a variety of purchasing needs related to raw materials, non-stocks, supply items, and services. A special purchase order work plan facility is available for buyers to pull in all open purchase requirements from MRP and other purchase requests, make any adjustments, and automatically create POs.

Sage X3 Purchasing Spec Sheet

Flexible Pricing Rules

With Sage X3, companies can easily maintain the latest supplier prices, terms, and promotions. Catalog prices, vendor quotes, and contracted prices can be used automatically on purchasing documents, while discounts and charges can either be factored into net price or broken out separately. Financial rewards like free freight can be achieved by ordering groups of related products that meet predefined thresholds.

Purchase Planning and Ordering

Sage X3 supports the entire RFQ process, including entering products, issuing RFQs to vendors, sending follow-up notices, registering responses, and automatically generating pricing records to use on purchase orders. Purchase requests can be entered manually or generated automatically by MRP or non-MRP replenishment.

Delivery Scheduling and Receiving

Sage X3 provides the ability to schedule an order quantity for multiple receipt points and delivery dates on one purchase order, thereby reducing the number of POs and allowing price breaks for total purchase quantities. A receipt entry function provides the ability to record carrier information, assign inventory to warehouse locations based on predefined putaway rules, and move quality controlled products to and from QC areas based on user-defined inspection rules. Accepted quantities are immediately available for allocating to orders. Lot numbers and serial numbers can be recorded and subsequently tracked to their final destination, while expiration dates are calculated as required. Rejected products can be scheduled for supplier return with the option to reinstate the PO or request credit.

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