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Sage X3 offers a choice of production management methods—by job, order, or inventory. Technical data can be defined by price lists, cost centers, and stations as well as a production process sheet management function.

Sage X3 provides for monitoring of stock quantities, a management control function with calculation of forecast and actual costs, a finite capacity production scheduling function, a planning function incorporating a production coordination program, calculation of net requirements, and an overall production management function. Various performance indicators are available, ensuring optimum industrial production quality and traceability.

Sage X3 Manufacturing Spec Sheet

Comprehensive Technical Data

Sage X3 provides a common repository for sharing detailed product information across sales, purchasing, inventory, and production. Various material tracking modes are supported by associating products with unique control attributes such as lot numbers, expiration dates, and QC technical sheets.

Cost Accounting

Sage X3 supports the ability to establish an annual standard cost, perform standard cost revisions, calculate multiple simulated standard costs with user-defined parameters, and develop cost budgets for planning standard costs for future periods.


Multisite MPS for medium-to-long-term planning needs includes features for performing budget analyses and feasibility simulations. It also calculates net multisite requirements, generates replanning messages, and analyzes the impact of load demands. MPS makes best use of user-defined reordering parameters such as fixed period coverage, seasonality patterns, and net reorder quantities.

Work Order Release

Sage X3 provides flexible work order release management capabilities, allowing multiple items per production order and real-time material, machine, and labor allocations with reason codes. Work-in-process tracking, production status reporting, and a breakdown of actual production costs by shop traveler are also provided. Sage X3 supports the ability to do rate-based scheduling with backflushing.

Decision-Making Tools

Sage X3 provides material planners with an array of screens and reports in quantified form or pie charts, bar charts, and graphs to assist in making meaningful material and capacity decisions. Included are multisite MPS charts for product families, MRP schedules for products at single or multiple sites, bottleneck work center charts, and a planner’s workbench. Time-phased pegging ties requirements back to original demand sources. Sage X3 calculates a variety of performance indicators including material, operation and production yield, capacity, and resource utilization rates.

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