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Learn from your peers on how today's modern ERP solutions help you gain greater visibility across your business, maintain compliance, streamline and accelerate manufacturing processes, and much more.

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Sage X3 for Manufacturing

  • Streamline and accelerate procurement, manufacturing, and customer management processes
  • Deliver better and faster quality service
  • Enhance collaboration with your partners, suppliers, and customers
  • Effectively manage supply and demand to minimize inventory-carrying costs and risks

manufacturers industry


"Our revenues have grown substantially... This type of growth would not have been possible without the efficiencies that Sage X3 provides."

—John Deradoorian, president, Allied Metals Corporation Read more

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See how Sage X3 has helped companies to optimize inventory management, boost productivity with real-time traceability and increase customer satisfaction.

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Sage X3 for Distribution

  • Grow revenues
  • Enable sales to become more efficient
  • Improve business and demand planning
  • Improve inventory accuracy

 Sage X3 distribution


"It is vital to our success that we have the products our customers want available when and where they want them. Sage X3 helps us do that."

—Rick Unterbrink, IT manager, Russell Sigler, Inc Read more

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Discover how Sage X3 supports business growth, simplifies and speeds up processes and enables you to deliver better service to customers.

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Sage X3 Services

  • Gain greater control and visibility across your company
  • Improve inventory management and deliver better service to customers
  • Efficiently manage sales and costs in real time
  • Better control jobs, assess profitability, and forecast future demand

Sage X3 service


"Sage X3 offers everything we were looking for in one application—manufacturing, product configurator, customer relationship management (CRM), service issue tracking, remote access, multicurrency, strong core accounting, and financial reporting capabilities in one powerful product."

—John Deradoorian, president, Allied Metals Corporation Read more

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Food and Beverage

With cutthroat competition, manufacturers and distributors, face heightened customer expectations, and the watchful eye of the government, you must efficiently fill customer orders, control inventory, plan production, and maintain quality.

  • Ensure compliance and improve quality
  • Simplify inventory and product tracking plus recall management
  • Reduce manufacturing, distribution, and shipping costs
  • Make the best decisions possible
  • Increase flexibility

Food and Beverage industries

Food Processors – Looking for greater compliance, quality, and efficiency? Sage X3 helps food processors meet traceability requirements as well as end-to-end business needs.

Traceability in the Food Processing Industry


"We have doubled our revenues since implementing Sage X3, and it continues to offer a good combination of power, scalability, and usability."

—Phil Pitzer, IS director, Blount Fine Foods Read more

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Chemical Industry

The challenges facing chemical manufacturers and distributors in operating a profitable organization are paramount. With external market factors such as government regulations, global competition, and customer demands, you need to find a flexible solution that reacts and scales with the immediate needs of your ever-changing business.

Delivering a practical and affordable solution that anticipates those challenges, Sage X3 enables you to manage your business better than ever before, providing immediate impact, and ROI results you can see.

Developed to meet your specific industry requirements.

  • Streamline and advance operations.
  • Achieve robust business insights.
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Increase flexibility, scalability, and collaboration.
  • Improve product quality.

Chemical Industry

"Sage X3 offered the best combination of functionality, technology, value, and implementation methodology of the systems we evaluated."

—Terry Steinberg, Vice President & CIO, Aceto Corporation
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Life Sciences

Minimize Risk and Maximize Profits with ERP solutions designed for life science manufacturers.
As a life sciences manufacturer, your company’s success depends on having an industry specific solution that can help you improve information transparency and efficiently deal with an increasing array of regulatory requirements and rigorously enforced inspections. What’s more there’s the added complexity of ensuring that your products conform to quality standards and meet the demands of customers.

Built to address the immediate and future challenges you face, Sage X3 is a fully integrated and cost-effective solution that enables you to manage your business better than ever before, providing an immediate impact and measurable ROI results you can see.

Designed to deliver process-specific functionality across the board.

  • Streamline operations.
  • Improve process and batch manufacturing.
  • Make the best decisions possible
  • Conduct inspections and rigorously enforce them.
  • Increase flexbility and scalability

Life Sciences

"By bringing all of our corporate data together in a single system, Sage X3 has become a decision-making tool for us."

—Fabrice Figliolini, IT Manager, Boiron USA
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