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Sage Intelligence provides users with a single version of the truth, helping to reduce spreadsheet chaos and improve collaboration. Microsoft® Excel® reports give clear visibility into an organization’s data, helping informed business decisions to be made at the right time. Users can run reports with the click of a button or automate the running and distribution of reports to teams or individuals.

Sage Intelligence Financial Reporting for Sage X3 offers a comprehensive and flexible financial reporting solution. It boasts a fresh new intuitive user interface to supplement a powerful generation engine utilizing the latest Sage Intelligence Report Designer In-Memory technology, allowing for improved performance and usability.

Sage Intelligence spec sheet

Sage Enterprise Intelligence spec sheet

Business Intelligence and Reporting Features

100% Excel experience

The familiar Excel interface leverages existing Excel skills and puts you in total control of formatting, making the design and maintenance of financial reports and financial packs much faster and easier.

Powerful In-Memory technology

Quickly and easily report on large data volumes using formulas inside Excel which interact with the Sage Intelligence In-Memory engine to allow for a fast and flexible financial reporting experience.

Wizard to fast track financial layout generation

Those users who are not familiar with Excel can use the Layout Generator to effortlessly generate standard financial reports.

Scalable reporting

The solution supports multiple fiscal years as well as multiple charts of account, ledgers, companies and sites making scalable reporting accurate, faster and easier than before. It also caters for reporting on multiple budget sets and budget versions across all available dimensions.

Simple drill down

A simple right-click drill down option within the Excel report extends accessibility and visibility into transactional information.

Complete control over the level of detail in reports

Advanced Excel users can leverage row sets to define their own repository of reusable, customized reporting rows based on account rules using ranges, wildcards, and arithmetic to speed up report design and maintenance.

Integrated multicurrency support

Multicurrency reporting has never been easier with access from within Excel to exchange rates held and maintained within Sage X3.

Advanced dimensional filtering

Report on both financial and analytical data in a single layout with dimensional Reporting Trees, which enable advanced dimensional filtering across all nine dimensions.

Automated Report Distribution

Improve your workflow and speed up your business pr ocesses using Intelligence Reporting to establish fully unattended, convenient Report Distribution.

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