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Sage Pro Support

You’ll get peak performance from your Sage Pro software with automatic version upgrades, Knowledgebase access, online account access, and e-newsletters. It’s all part of the easy-on-the-budget Sage Business Care plans, available with your Sage Pro purchase.

Sage Business Care
Sage Business Care is a maintenance plan for businesses that want to keep their systems reliably running on the latest software without paying full price for upgrades. Every time we release a new version of your software, we automatically send it to you. All you have to do is keep your Sage Business Care subscription current. There are two Sage Business Care plans to chose from:

  Sage Business Care Bronze
  Sage Business Care Gold*
Both Sage Business Care plans include:
  Product upgrades and service packs
Notification by letter when upgrades are available
Convenient delivery options—download or CD
Notification by e-mail when service packs are available for download

Realtime Learning Courses
Keep up with the latest technology and services Sage has to offer through online Learning Courses. You'll meet and interact with speakers, consultants, and product experts who can help you get the information you need to provide your business with the tools to succeed.

Tech Tuesday sessions are designed to provide an in-depth look at a specific topic within Sage Pro to help you get the most out of Sage Pro
Business Building Webcasts are designed to provide insight into various functional areas across your business, like marketing, sales, and human resources
  Your Sage Business Care Plan provides unlimited access to these Realtime Learning Courses. You can view the calendar of events and register online at:
A mini-training and troubleshooting Web-based system that provides answers to your technical questions
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  Online Account Information

View product information

Participate in product-specific forums
Join a user group

*Sage Business Care Gold includes unlimited customer support for one flat annual fee. This plan is designed to provide you with maintenance and support in one comprehensive, cost-effective plan. You'll enjoy friendly, personalized service from experts who understand Sage Pro inside and out–and who have up-to-the-minute, intimate knowledge of all the updates that can help you get the most from your investment in Sage Pro. They can give you the security of knowing there's someone there to focus on growing your business.

If you are a current Sage Pro customer and would like to purchase or get more information about Sage Business Care, please call us at 949-583-9500 x 2500.

Questions? Please call (949) 583-9500 x2500 or email us at