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Purchase Orders

Sage Pro Purchase Orders is a complete purchase order processing system with real-time tracking, automatic updating of vendors and inventory account balances, and extensive reporting capabilities. This module enables you to expertly manage a broad array of vendor and inventory information, including purchases, balances, reordering, and much more. Purchase Orders integrates with Sage Pro Accounts Payable to deliver effective tracking of liabilities and invoice receipts.


Entering and Maintaining Purchase Orders:

  • Creates purchase orders and handles receiving.
  • Supports blanket orders with individual purchase orders released against the master order.
  • Generates recurring purchase orders, drop-ship orders, and special bids / quotes.
  • Choose to ship a purchase order to a different address, including a customer, if you have Accounts Receivable or Order Entry.
  • Print receiving documents when creating purchase orders.
  • Unit of measure conversion allows purchase of items in different units of measure than you stock or sell.
  • Records virtually unlimited notes and memos with any line item.
  • Warns you when a vendor’s balance exceeds available credit.
  • Supports recurring purchase orders.
  • Use standard comment text or create purchase order comments that are printed on the purchase order.
  • Locates vendor records by full or partial phone numbers on pick lists.
  • Allows cancellation of open quantities after a receipt is entered.
  • New vendors and inventory items can be added during purchase order entry.
  • Creates a Return Order when necessary and applies it to the original purchase order.
  • Message Master option allows added capability to fax or send purchase orders by e-mail.

Receiving Purchase Orders:

  • Designate items to require inspection prior to receipt with report tracking for items pending or failing receipt.
  • Tracks groups of items by the lot numbers entered when receiving items.
  • Supports inventory tracking of individual items according to serial number.
  • Provides schedules for material receipts.
  • Receives partial drop shipment purchase orders.
  • Updates vendor and inventory balances in real time.
  • Receives purchase orders by item.
  • Customer invoicing can be deferred when receiving drop ship purchase orders.

Item Cost Levels:

  • Cost tiers for vendors can be set up by item based on volume quantities or vendor specials.

Integration with Other Modules:

  • Works with Accounts Payable to track liabilities and invoice receipts.
  • Allows multiple suppliers for each inventory item.
  • Allows multiple remit-to addresses for vendors.
  • Supports data entry in multiple modules at the same time, which allows processing of a purchase order and the corresponding sales order simultaneously.


  • Provides reports for inventory reordering and backorders, and purchase order status
    by item, vendor, and buyer.
  • Displays or prints 24-month vendor purchase history and vendor balances complete
    with graphs in Microsoft Excel.
  • Real-time Business Status Report provides immediate status for open purchase
    orders, unbilled purchase orders, and period-to-date orders and receipts.
Purchase Orders (PDF 291 kb)
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