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Sage HRMS Performance Management

by Cornerstone on Demand

Assess, align, motivate, and grow your best talent

Sage HRMS Performance Management by Cornerstone OnDemand helps identify and track high-performing employees, increase the quality of employee performance reviews, develop critical skills, and cultivate the leadership pipeline across your business. The platform is built around three core ideas:

  • The typical end-of-the-year performance review is not an effective measuring stick. Sage HRMS Performance Management will streamline appraisal and competency assessments and help your organization develop a culture of ongoing, interim performance measurement that can be tied to goals and development activities.
  • Goal alignment ties employee behavior to business results. With Sage HRMS Performance Management, align individual goals with departmental objectives and organizational strategy to ensure that daily activity is translated into tangible business results. Then leverage the compensation features of the solution to reward these behaviors and outcomes.
  • Complete career, succession, and workforce management. Sage HRMS Performance Management manages workforce and employee succession through automated talent profiles, career management, internal recruiting, and comprehensive succession planning capabilities.

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  • Goal alignment and performance reviews
  • Competency assessments (360s, observation checklist, and more)
  • Individual development plans
  • Pay-for-performance compensation management
  • Succession plans and career management


  • Align key performance processes with organizational goals
  • Identify and track high-performing, high-potential employees
  • Track critical skills and roles
  • Engage your people in their own internal career development
  • SaaS means no software to install or maintain

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Sage HRMS Talent Management
Goal alignment
Sage HRMS Performance Management brings you the most complete and easy-to-use goal management tools available.
  • Monitor individual performance relative to department or businesswide goals
  • Automate SMART goal tracking, alignment, and reporting
  • Drive accountability at all levels

Performance reviews
With Sage HRMS Performance Management, break the dreaded annual reviewcycle and build a culture of ongoing, consistent performance measurement, and feedback that actually matters.
  • With Sage HRMS Performance Management, break the dreaded annual reviewcycle and build a culture of ongoing, consistent performance measurement, and feedback that actually matters.
  • Vendor, instructor, facilities, and equipment management
  • Ensure timely review completion through email reminders and graphical progress reporting
  • Create custom performance reviews with configurable workflows

Virtual classrooms
Sage HRMS Performance Management allows you to easily identify competency and skill gaps within your organization through 360° and 180° reviews and self-assessments. Load your own model or use one of our preintegrated models from industry leaders.
  • Dynamically generate individual development plans
  • Observation checklist capabilities for in-the-field skill observation

Compensation: Pay-for-perfomance
Sage HRMS Performance Management can be deployed to link performance data to all types of compensation, creating the right kind of incentives for your employees to hit their goals.
  • Build compensation plans with cascading budgets
  • Allocate base, bonus, equity with defined guidelines

Development planning
Sage HRMS Performance Management can automate individual development planning to improve workforce performance and retention—and to forge an important link between performance assessment and learning.
  • Track development plan progress
  • Assessment-based training

Succession management
Identify promising talent and critical roles within your organization and ensure that the right people are promoted to the right positions, driving down hiring costs and increasing retention rates.
  • Build automated metric grids of any size (up to 5 x 5) and use drag-and-drop calibration for easy modeling of the organization
  • Draw in competencies to display the most recent ratings for an employee

Break free from the traditional organizational hierarchy and start to track skills, roles, and competencies that are critical for your business
  • Nominate high-potential employees with key skills
  • Assign development activities to an entire pool (or to specific employees in a pool)

  • Career Center
    Provide career pathing and management capability to boost employee engagement and retention, and help your business to align employees with best-fit roles.
    • Allow employees to explore defined career paths within your organization
    • Show matches between current state and desired job roles (on the basis of a wide range of factors like education, competencies, certifications, and so on)