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Sage HRMS Cyber Train

by Visibility Software

Sage HRMS Cyber Train, a Sage Endorsed Solution, empowers supervisors, instructors, and employees by making information regarding classes, course requirements, programs, and certifications available through the web and not just through the HR department. This intuitive, highly automated, and powerful software is the perfect solution to help ensure that your employees receive the training they need on time, every time. This in-house or hosted, role-oriented, robust self-service tool manages the entire training process and can be configured to meet specific training needs, ensuring you remain compliant with your workforce, which in turn increases a company’s Return on Employee Investment (ROEI).

Sage HRMS Cyber Train can help you access, track, and manage your training and compliance more easily than ever before. Let Sage HRMS Cyber Train lessen the burden on your training staff and HR department.

Inspire your workforce
Track employee and nonemployee training requirements, current enrollments, certifications, and programs so you will always have the most up-to-date information in one centralized location.

Access to information
Self-service portal allows access to information and functionality by the employee, supervisor, instructor, or training manager.

Automatic notifications
Ease the tracking of training requirements with automatic notification of upcoming certification expirations to employees, supervisors, and training managers so you will always know the status and ensure compliance.

Streamlined communication
Automated supervisor approval process streamlines communication and reduces delays.

Internal and external training requests
Allow employees to submit tuition reimbursement requests and external training requests. Your employees will value the enhancements you have put into their benefit and training programs.

Built-in communication tools
Ease the process flow with advanced automation of administrative processes and built-in communication tools. No more backlogs of training data waiting for manual input.

Track in-process and completions
Curriculum creation allows the setup of a logical flow of required classes and programs, allowing users to track when employees are in the process of completing requirements, allowing them to stay up to date and aware of pending deadlines.

Set enrollment parameters
Limit class enrollment to certain organizational levels or to desired number of students.

Ensure Compliance
Ensure employees are in compliance with job requirements through a review of certification expiration, courses due, notifications, and accreditation requirements, which will eliminate costly fines.

Automatic adds
Reduce the chance of manual errors by automatically adding training requirements to employees based on job title, organizational level, or supervisor-initiated add.

Ensure knowledge transfer of training information to students with online testing.

Deployment of training content
SOP, in-house documentation, client-built training or purchased content.