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Sage HRMS Payroll

Sage HRMS Payroll is for U.S. and Canadian organizations seeking an integrated HR/payroll system. As part of an overall Sage HRMS solution, Sage HRMS Payroll provides a comprehensive and flexible solution that includes the payroll functionality needed by midsized organizations to process their payroll accurately and quickly every time. Sage HRMS Payroll supports the needs of most industries, including manufacturing, services, retail, wholesale, financial, transportation, high-tech, government, education, construction, and agriculture.

Sage HRMS Payroll is very flexible, supporting a range of tax management capabilities, variable pay plans, including sales commission and piece-rate plans, and a variety of pay frequencies to meet the needs of organizations such as governments and schools.

Sage 100 Payroll vs. Sage HRMS Payroll

Flexible payroll processing
Sage HRMS Payroll uses a simplified yet flexible payroll process. Run an unlimited number of payrolls. Create selection lists of employees for whom you can calculate payroll and perform other processing functions.

U.S. and Canadian tax management and reporting
Sage HRMS Payroll offers highly robust tax management features, including automatic quarterly updates of tax tables and supports federal and state tax jurisdictions, federal and state income, unemployment, disability taxes, workers’ compensation, and more.

Comprehensive reporting and compliance
Produce comprehensive processing reports, including pre- and postcheck registers and analysis of earnings, benefits, deductions, accruals, and taxes for the pay period. Track and report Workers’ Compensation, SUTA, and FUTA.

Accruals and overtime calculations
Set up single schedules covering vacation or sick time accrual for all employees, regardless of years of service, and a single overtime payment schedule for employees in every pay frequency or easily create as many schedules as needed.

Check printing
Preview and print customized checks and direct deposit advices with the ability to print checks and advices as a single batch.

Direct deposit
Supports unlimited direct deposit accounts for each employee, as well as automatic ACH file creation.

Earnings and deductions
Easily set up unlimited earnings and deductions codes with support for a wide range of calculation methods and earning types, including base pay earnings and tax-only earnings. You can also define unlimited deductions for each employee or a range of employees and easily manage them with rules such as withholding frequencies and employer matching. Supports cafeteria plans, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 408(k)(6)s, 457s, 501(c)(18)(D)s, RRSP, pensions, Canada Savings Bonds, stock options, wage garnishments, IRAs, and more. Globally update particular fields for earnings, deductions, and taxes assigned to employees.

Variable pay plans
Automatically calculate variable pay, including sales commissions, draws, and piece-rate production. Sales dollars and production units per employee can be entered directly into payroll using the timecard function.

Pay frequencies
Support an extended set of pay frequencies to accommodate the needs of most organizations, including government, education, and more.

Integration with Sage ERP and accounting solutions
Sage HRMS Payroll includes integration with Sage ERP and accounting solutions. Import/export tools allow you to easily transfer data between Sage HRMS Payroll and the different business solutions in your company.

Sage Payroll CheckPrint
An add-on custom check stock/print solution, Sage Payroll CheckPrint provides ready-to-print payroll checks, support for self-sealing check stock, and a MICR font for the new SAP Crystal Reports for Sage HRMS-based check stock.

Csed with Sage HRMS and the optional Sage Employee Self Service (Sage ESS) extended solution, Sage HRMS Payroll offers payroll self service features. Give employees instant access to view payroll information including paycheck details and pay history as well as view and print pay stubs.

Payroll cards
Eliminate the costs of printing and delivering paper paychecks, or reissuing lost checks with payroll cards. Sage Payroll PayCard is an easy-to-use prepaid Visa® debit card that pays employees electronically and allows them to access their pay at any ATM, or to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. Minimum requirements are direct deposit payroll with your financial institution and U.S. addresses of employees; cards can also be sent directly to your company for redistribution.

Sage Source
Available at no cost to all our Sage Business Care customers, Sage Source puts electronic paystubs as well as other services and tools employees value in one place and makes all of them available through a single point of access.