Reserving Inventory for Customers

Reserve inventory for customers before the product is picked and shipped, enabling better inventory management.


4 Reasons to Engage your Workforce with a Community


How do you encourage richer collaboration and innovation within your company without the right tools in place to foster these interactions? The solution — an employee community that gives all of your employees instant access to all of the experts, data and people they need to get the job done from anywhere.

Recorded Webinar

Meet DataBridge: Your Sage ERP Data Where You Need It

One login. Two Systems. All Your Data in One Spot.

Blytheco's DataBridge is a Sage 100 to Sage CRM Data Connector that enables a Sage CRM web user to access on-premise Sage 100 data from anywhere. DataBridge enables access to Sage 100 data in real-time via a robust framework of pre-built dashboards, screens, tabs, and reports. DataBridge utilizes Sage's in-built security to ensure users see only what they are allowed to see, and ...

Coca-Cola's Success with Salesforce

Happy Employees & Reduced Costs

How can HR organizations create effortless employee experiences and deliver support to their employees anytime and anywhere? In this webinar, Rob Grajeda, Director of HR Operations at Coca-Cola, will share his HR service delivery transformation including: - How they overcame challenges with a poor employee experience, low adoption of the HR service delivery model, and delayed ...


5 essential ingredients for your HR transformation

Salesforce for HR

Cloud, mobile, and social applications have dramatically altered the way we go about our personal lives. A significant byproduct of this innovation is a new emerging workforce — one that expects to use the same technology during their workday. While upgrades can go a long way when it comes to remaking HR, there’s much more to be done. This e-book will take you beyond core systems ...

White Paper

Salesforce can boost employee engagement by 36%

Building employee engagement with HR apps

If you want to hire – and retain — the best and the brightest, you need to engage employees at every step of their lifecycle, from hire to retire.


HR Technology

Lessons for Building an Irrefutable Business Case

One of the concerns facing HR managers today is finding new ways to automate processes, streamline communications, and make their teams more strategic. Justifying the cost of a new HRIS / HRMS, or upgrading an existing one, is always challenging. But knowing how a new, or upgraded, HRIS can streamline and support your entire organization will help build a more compelling business ...


The Revolution of Carrier Connectivity

How Successful HR Teams Save Time and Money

Carrier connectivity uses secure technology to transfer benefits enrollment selections made by employees directly, immediately, accurately and securely to insurance carriers. Studies have shown that this specific use of automation in the enrollment process ensures accuracy in benefits enrollment and life changes, protects from inadvertent over-charges, helps companies stay compliant, ...


How to Automate Open Enrollment

A paperless process saves time, eliminates errors and increases employee satisfaction.

Open enrollment season is one of the most stressful times for an HR department. Piles of paper and folders, phones ringing off the hook, answering the same questions over and over, deciphering messy handwriting … it’s time-consuming and fraught with the potential for errors. So how can HR managers use open enrollment to achieve greater employee satisfaction, while saving time and

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