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Sage ERP X3 Helps L’Occitane Stay on Fast Track

L’Occitane, a manufacturer and retailer of luxury personal care products including pure essential oils, cosmetics, skin care, soaps, and hair care products, was able to achieve significant improvements in productivity, inventory costs and supply chain costs with Sage X3.

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Avoid Costly Fines

Ten Compliance Mandates You Can't Afford to Ignore

Learn how to protect yourself and your organization from government scrutiny, noncompliance penalties, or expensive employee lawsuits. Sage created this guide to help you stay informed about employment laws, reporting rules, and developing workforce compliance issues that may impact your organization. We'll help you navigate ten crucial mandates, explaining the obligations and ...

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Stay In Control

The Benefits of In-house Payroll Software

In this white paper, we'll illustrate the benefits of integrated, in-house payroll software. You'll find comparisons of how in-house payroll software stacks up against outsourcing in terms of:

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The Six Steps to Reducing Business Latencies

An In-Depth Examination of the Inefficiencies of 6 Common Business Processes

Efficiency. When you look at all the ways that an organization tries to improve their business, they all come down to a single goal. Efficiency. The investment in the most recent technologies such as phone systems, computers, and computer software is done with the explicit hope these investments will increase organizational efficiency. Similarly, investing in training is done with ...

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50 Ways Accounts Payable Can Cut Costs and Be More Efficient

In IOMA’s (The Institute of Management & Administration) last Accounts Payable management survey, over 500 AP pros told them of the best ways they used to streamline their AP operations to save time—and money. They sifted through hundreds of responses to bring you time-tested cost-cutting ideas for every area of your AP operations.
Here is the breakdown of cost-saving ...

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Sales Tax Complexities Simplified

States, Rates, and Debates

One of the hallmarks of the United States is its decentralized system of government, with states, counties, cities, towns, and even smaller areas all free to decide, individually, how to raise the money needed to pay for the services they choose to provide. While that regional flexibility has worked well for many years, it has evolved into a nightmare for retailers to manage.

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Four Ways Integrated CRM-ERP Solutions Improve Productivity

While the economy is once again growing, uncertainty remains. As a result, even as organizations make investments to grow their business, they continue to look for ways to squeeze greater efficiency from their operations while minimizing costs. They recognize that technology plays a huge role in these efforts and are ramping up their IT investments. One important area where organizations ...

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Enhance Your Business Relationships With Sage CRM

Imagine: Your top sales professional calls your best customer to sell him a new product. What he doesn’t know is that the customer initiated a customer service ticket last week and did not pay last month’s bill. Needless to say, the call goes badly. Same customer, different scenario: This time, your sales professional and your customer service rep know everything there is to know ...

White Paper

CRM Total Cost of Ownership: Fees, Subscriptions and Hidden Costs

The following analysis provides a comparative price analysis of four leading CRM solutions for midmarket organizations. Forrester Research defines midmarket organizations as any organization with revenues of less than $1 billion and/or fewer than 1,000 employees.

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