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Nutraceutical Industry Faces Intensifying Scrutiny: Overview & Defense Strategies

Companies producing dietary supplements are facing much greater scrutiny from Congressmen, regulators and state attorneys general. How can nutraceutical manufacturers protect themselves from inaccurate perceptions and accusations?

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Crisis Management in Beauty Products Manufacturing: 6 Must-Haves in Your Software

To counter against claims made against your products, it is essential to have functions integrated into your companywide software and system processes that can protect your brand, help you retrace your steps, and allow you to weather any storm that comes your way.

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Alloy Polymers Finds Formula for Success in Sage ERP X3

As a compound manufacturer, Alloy Polymers produces products to each client’s unique specifications. The company is unique in that it does not manage the formulas or provide the raw ingredients; its customers do. Many ERP applications don’t offer the flexibility required to manage this production model effectively and efficiently. Sage X3 met their needs perfectly.

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How to Eliminate the Weak Links in Your Supply Chain Webinar Slide Handout

How can you find new ways to improve your supply chain and the bottom line? In this informative webinar, supply chain expert Lora Cecere reviews best practices for supply chain excellence.

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Sage ERP X3 Helps L’Occitane Stay on Fast Track

L’Occitane, a manufacturer and retailer of luxury personal care products including pure essential oils, cosmetics, skin care, soaps, and hair care products, was able to achieve significant improvements in productivity, inventory costs and supply chain costs with Sage X3.

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RM Foods, LLC Spices Up Operations With Sage ERP X3

It became apparent to the RM Foods management team that the company had outgrown its accounting application.

RM Foods struggled with its older accounting application that did not provide for the company’s accounting or manufacturing needs. After evaluating several options the company selected Sage ERP X3 for its clean, intuitive interface and its solid reputation in the process manufacturing industry. Sage ERP X3 is enabling RM Foods to hone and perfect its operations, building efficiency, ...

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Enterprise Software Certification Report

Launched in 1999 in Europe as a finance and distribution suite on Windows and Unix, Sage ERP X3 is built on the Sage Application Framework for the Enterprise (SAFE X3). This allows the system to be multi-tier, multi-OS and multi-DB, as well as also flexible and scalable. Sage ERP X3 offers three preconfigured offerings: Process Suite, Discrete Suite, and Distribution Suite. All ...

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Configured Products in the Warehouse

Customers rate vendor performance first and foremost on their ability to deliver user-ready products when, how, and in the quantities they've requested. Thanks to features found in Sage ERP X3, companies can rate highly with their customers.

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Overcoming Barriers to Collaboration with Trading Partners

To meet the increasing demands of today's market,companies must implement collaborative supply chain solutions that streamline business processes with their trading partners. With real-time visibility and control of supply chain execution to all parties, while addressing supplier issues head on, collaboration can succeed. Manufacturers can implement effective supplier collaboration ...

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Lean Strategies for the Process Manufacturer

Lean Manufacturing techniques can produce "breakthrough" results. Much of the talk about Lean focuses on discrete manufacturing operations. However, Lean techniques apply equally well to process manufacturing operations in the Food, Chemical and Life Sciences.

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