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Four Ways Integrated CRM-ERP Solutions Improve Productivity

While the economy is once again growing, uncertainty remains. As a result, even as organizations make investments to grow their business, they continue to look for ways to squeeze greater efficiency from their operations while minimizing costs. They recognize that technology plays a huge role in these efforts and are ramping up their IT investments. One important area where organizations ...

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Paycards: Flexible Electronic Payroll for All Employees An overview of payroll card benefits and considerations for employers.

According to the American Payroll Association, businesses pay between one and two dollars to issue each paper paycheck. Conversely, an electronic transfer of payroll costs about twenty cents per employee. Based on these statistics, a company with 300 employees paying $2 per bi-weekly paper paycheck could enjoy an annual savings of over $14,000 if all employees received paperless ...

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Optimize Your ERP System: How to Avoid the Implementation Sins

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems offer much potential to improve your way of doing business. By providing accurate, real-time information throughout your supply chain, an ERP system can help your company be more competitive. Seamless integration of information flows across all departments through a centralized database, provides a unified view of the business, and enables ...