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2016 BRP Annual Digital Commerce Survey

In leading consulting firm Boston Retail Partners' (BRP) 2016 Digital Commerce Benchmark Survey, understand the industry’s digital commerce priorities and initiatives as the digital and physical worlds converge to provide customers a seamless experience across channels.

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NetSuite for Agencies: Drive Agency Performance in a Changing World

The advertising industry is challenged by 5 disruptive elements; learn how these elements may affect your business, and how you can profit from these changes with NetSuite.

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Three Key Takeaways for Software Providers

Review NetSuite's key value propositions for the software industry, as discussed during the company's SuiteWorld conference held May 16–19 in San Jose, California. The highlights of this conference include software industry traction, the value proposition that NetSuite offers to SaaS providers, and the introduction of SuiteBilling — a new core billing technology from NetSuite designed ...

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7 Best Practices for Choosing a Field Service Software System

A Complimentary White Paper for Service Organizations

This is the most informative, practical guide available for service managers considering a new field service system. Enjoy!

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Managing Business Risk in Electronics and Computer Markets: For Sage

Vigilant and systematized risk management is as important for growing small and midsized companies that build or distribute electronics as it is for Fortune 500 corporations. Opportunities for mistakes abound as firms develop into one-stop solution providers and handle higher production volumes, possibly on a global scale.

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Operations Management: How Technology Can Help Relieve The Stress of Managing Your Business

The right automation in the right place can do wonders for improving operations. It is the tool that makes it possible for the COO, branch manager, or operations manager to control processes, improve operations, and increase profitability of the organization.