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Critical Components to Achieving the Perfect Order

By achieving the perfect order, merchants will delight customers with the ultimate, omnichannel experience of buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere, and operate an efficient and profitable business. But how do you achieve that level of efficiency? Get the three keys in this informative report.

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2016 BRP Annual Digital Commerce Survey

In leading consulting firm Boston Retail Partners' (BRP) 2016 Digital Commerce Benchmark Survey, understand the industry’s digital commerce priorities and initiatives as the digital and physical worlds converge to provide customers a seamless experience across channels.

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Advanced Omnichannel: Constructing the Unified Enterprise

Consumers no longer think in terms of channels—shopping is shopping, regardless of where it is conducted—and retailers need to adopt that same forward-thinking approach. The Retail Info Systems News report which uncovers the challenges retailers face, as well as the necessary steps to successfully implement a unified commerce platform

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PCI Compliance for Dummies

Compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is mandatory if your company stores, processes, or transmits payment cardholder data. This book is all about understanding PCI and how merchants can comply with its requirements. This book simply explains the PCI Data Security Standard and describes its requirements for compliance. After reading this book ...

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RFID: When is the best time to consider a solution?

It's rare to pick up a business publication these days without reading a story about RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). This new technology received scant attention until Wal-Mart's announcement mandating its implementation and use by their key suppliers. Since then, compliance mandates have been issued by other industry giants like Target and Home Depot.