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White Paper

Run Your Advertising Agency More Efficiently with NetSuite

This white paper highlights some of the operational challenges that advertising firms face today and illustrates how deploying NetSuite can help agencies run their operations more effectively.

White Paper

Four Reasons Why QuickBooks is Failing Your Services Business

This white paper draws on real-world stories of small- and medium-sized Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) that have upgraded from QuickBooks to NetSuite at critical junctures in their development. It also outlines four common business process inefficiencies that you might see reflected in your own business— the reasons why QuickBooks may be failing your services organization.

White Paper

Cloud SRP for Services Companies

Simplify Your Project-Based Business with Services Resources Planning

Leading project-based companies use Services Resources Planning (SRP) to manage the most complex element of their business—services delivery. Learn how you can maximize the value of this approach for your company.

White Paper

Rethinking the Ad Agency Model

Top Strategies for Thriving in a Changing Industry

Client and employee expectations are changing, and that requires new approaches to running the advertising agency. Today’s evolving technology is opening the door to those new approaches, with cloud-based enterprise systems that provide centralized, consistent data and a 360-degree view of operations that allow agencies to make data-driven decisions about managing the business.

White Paper

NetSuite for Agencies: Drive Agency Performance in a Changing World

The advertising industry is challenged by 5 disruptive elements; learn how these elements may affect your business, and how you can profit from these changes with NetSuite.

White Paper

7 Best Practices for Choosing a Field Service Software System

A Complimentary White Paper for Service Organizations

This is the most informative, practical guide available for service managers considering a new field service system. Enjoy!

White Paper

Bioterrorism Act: Sage ERP X3 can help you comply

On June 12, 2002, President Bush signed the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 into law. The legislation is designed to help the U.S. prepare for, prevent and respond to bioterrorism and related emergencies and affects anyone in the food, beverage and nutrient supplement industries.

White Paper

The Changing Role of the Accountant

Number-crunchers no more, today’s accountants are evolving into providers of insight on finance, technology and strategy. Changing business practices and an array of emerging technologies have transformed their role. Accountants are increasingly taking a hands-on approach in guiding company operations and formulating business strategy.