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How precisely are you managing sales tax?

How you can be always prepared for sometimes taxable

At some point, it’s likely that you’ll come up against the issue of “sometimes taxable” goods and services. As your business grows or changes, your tax obligations change too. And states often have different rules for how they tax or exempt certain products or services. Automating sales tax removes that ambiguity. With Avalara AvaTax software handling tax determination and ...

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Don't Miss Out On Work Opportunity Tax Credit Dollars (WOTC) - Here's How!

Are you one of the 80% of businesses that are potentially missing out on the Federal Governments Work Opportunity Tax Credit dollars? Maybe you know about it, but don't have the time for for all of the paperwork and hassle? During this webinar you will learn how you can receive the tax credits that you are due under this program. Register today!

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The Hidden Costs of Your Manual Sales and Use Tax System

Find where your costs are going through the roof with a manual process.

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Zip Code Inaccuracy in Sale Tax Management

Best practice assessment for rate and jurisdiction identification

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Sales Tax Survival Guide

This guide will help you better understand the challenges and risks associated with managing sales tax compliance. In addition, it will provide strategies and ideas that can minimize these risks for your business, while also enabling you to reduce the resources needed to manage the sales tax burden.

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How Sales Tax Affects Your Business

Sales and use tax affects all businesses in some universal ways

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Sales Tax Complexities Simplified

States, Rates, and Debates

One of the hallmarks of the United States is its decentralized system of government, with states, counties, cities, towns, and even smaller areas all free to decide, individually, how to raise the money needed to pay for the services they choose to provide. While that regional flexibility has worked well for many years, it has evolved into a nightmare for retailers to manage.

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Closing the Books on Fixed Assets Best Practices for Fixed Asset Managers

Every year, whether a company’s financial reporting is based on a calendar year or a fiscal year, the time inevitably comes to close the books. For many companies, December 31st marks the end of their fiscal year, leaving less than 75 days to submit tax returns by the March 15th deadline. And though many companies file extensions for their tax return, they need to finish out the ...

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How to Survive a Sales Tax Audit

You didn't ask for it, but you got it anyway - the dreaded sales tax audit. Now the question arises "what should I do to ensure this audit goes assmoothly as possible?" Avalara and Tommy Stephens of K2 Enterprises, a 23 year veteran of public and private accounting and consulting, deliver the essentials for surviving a sales tax audit, with minimal disruption to an organization.

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