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White Paper

A Guide to Creating an Event-Driven ERP Solution

This white paper discusses the benefits ERP solutions have delivered and limitations of 'first generation’ ERP applications. How important are business processes to company success. What options are open to ERP professionals seeking to optimise their company processes. Business benefits achieved by companies using the leading Business Process Management and Interactive Workflow ...

White Paper

A Guide to Intelligent CRM - Sales and Marketing Automation

In this white paper we cover the problems that CRM professions face and the historical strategies that companies have adopted in response. We discuss the emergence of Sales and Marketing Automation with Interactive Workflow technology for CRM applications and its empowerment of the CRM professional. Real-life illustrations of TaskCentre for CRM applications that will strike a chord ...

White Paper

BPM Software: The rise of next generation workflow applications

Discover what Business Process Management Software represents and why it differs from workflow applications of the past. Learn about the 'my taskcentre’ web portal and how it will help you and your trading partners to share information and increase productivity. Read about the most popular workflow processes to be automated for departments such as finance and marketing. Get a snapshot ...