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Revenue Recognition 10.4.17 Presentation

Event with Squar Milner, Blytheco, NetSuite

Rethink Marketing Automation

Today’s marketer must weave brand awareness, demand generation, and customer marketing into a balanced, global marketing strategy. Rethink Marketing Automation and learn how Act-On can help you power the customer experience. Learn More:

The Benefits of Account Based Marketing

Act-On’s account-based marketing builds on technology you already have

In this animated video, we review what is account-based marketing, what the benefits are of account-based marketing, why account-based marketing thanks to marketing automation is becoming more and more accessible to B2B companies, and how Act-On's ABM integrated workspace can help you today. Learn More:

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How marketing automation helps you engage customers

Marketing automation was created originally to help marketers acquire new customers. When it’s used well, as the stats at the right show, it does this beautifully. But there is so much more. Marketing automation allows you to uncover the story of how your customer interacts digitally with your brand, your content, and the people in your company, throughout the entire lifecycle. ...

Recorded Webinar

Marketing Across the Full Customer Journey

Simple tips you can use to your marketing more effective

Join us in this webinar, presented by Act-On as we put the spotlight on Marketing Automation and how companies are utilizing tools like Act-On to build their brand, drive demand and expand customer relationships. "Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads." (The Annuitas Group)

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The Business Case for Marketing Automation

How to Craft a Compelling Case the Executive Team will Approve

It is well-established and well-documented: Marketing automation helps businesses grow. With capabilities that span the range of inbound and outbound techniques, CRM integration, and robust measurement, marketing automation offers tremendous value to businesses of all sizes and industries by increasing efficiencies, saving costs, improving the sales pipeline, and boosting revenues. ...

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Your Most Common SEO Questions, Answered

Defining what SEO is and how it can make or break your business

The goal of this eBook is to help you understand the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Marketing tools are ever changing with technology. With that, buyer behavior is changing too. So how do we track that? How do we keep up? SEO is a great way to bring light to that subject. SEO will help bring brand awareness and provide cold hard data for your to analyze who you think ...

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New Marketing Metrics for B2B

Measurements that really matter to the success of your business

New marketing tools – and rapidly changing buyer behaviors – are driving marketers to find better metrics for evaluating their efforts. The old rules of relying on metrics like brand awareness, cost per lead, and lead-to-sales conversion rate are in need of an update.

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The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing

(The Building Blocks for Succeeding with Online Marketing)

From establishing your initial keyword strategy and leveraging social media to promote content online all the way through to analyzing and refining your strategies, this comprehensive internet marketing ebook will guide you through every essential step you should be taking to effectively market your business online.

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The Future of Customer Relationship Management

Mobile Technology and Social Media

In this postrecession economy, businesses are finding it increasingly important to change the way they communicate with customers. Traditional ad campaigns and marketing channels are no longer enough to capture the hearts and minds of consumers. These new trends in technology and "always on" communications also work to magnify the problems that typically interfere with

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