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Successful Software Implementation

Blytheco’s Business Processes Can Ensure Smoother Rollout

Keeping up with the latest technology can be challenging, but falling behind is not an option. If you don’t have someone monitoring your company’s technology fulltime, going outside your firm for expertise can be the only way to make educated decisions about what is right for your company.

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Managing Data Quality in Salesforce

Best practices to keep your Salesforce data clean, consistent, and complete.

This guide will help you manage your data to ensure that your platform is clean. We'll walk through the key items you need to look out for to maintain consistency.

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6 Best Practices of Driving End-User Adoption for Salesforce

It doesn’t matter how great your Salesforce solution is if users don’t—or won’t— use it. It’s not enough to just give your team a great app, you also need to train, support, and give them a sound reason to adopt it. In other words, you need to plan your rollout strategy just as carefully as you planned design, development, and testing. Salesforce interviewed Salesforce customers ...

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How marketing automation helps you engage customers

Marketing automation was created originally to help marketers acquire new customers. When it’s used well, as the stats at the right show, it does this beautifully. But there is so much more. Marketing automation allows you to uncover the story of how your customer interacts digitally with your brand, your content, and the people in your company, throughout the entire lifecycle. ...

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The Forrester Wave: CRM Suites for Large Organizations

Despite recent widespread adoption of CRM solutions among large companies, many organizations still struggle to define their CRM strategy and make the right CRM investment decision.

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How to Budget for Business Software Webinar Handout

Learn how to budget effectively for new business software with this informative webinar handout.

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CRM White Paper Bundle

This bundle includes these five white papers: Business Relationship Management, Social CRM, Speed Up Sales, The Siebel Effect and Recession-Busting Marketing.

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The Future of Customer Relationship Management

Mobile Technology and Social Media

In this postrecession economy, businesses are finding it increasingly important to change the way they communicate with customers. Traditional ad campaigns and marketing channels are no longer enough to capture the hearts and minds of consumers. These new trends in technology and "always on" communications also work to magnify the problems that typically interfere with

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Front-to-Back-Office Integration

The final piece in the customercentric jigsaw

Independent research suggests that back-office connectivity is not adequately addressed by many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations. In these cases, customer data cannot be shared effectively and business processes are punctuated by errors, delays, and paperwork. Over the long term, this can negatively impact overall customer satisfaction, as well as increase ...

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