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What is a Sage Master Developer?

Sage's Elite Group of Highly-Qualified Programmers
Sage Software, Inc. distributes its products through a national network of Authorized Resellers predominantly comprised of value added resellers (VARs) and public accounting firms. Authorized Resellers are backed by a national network of Authorized Software Consultants,who are non-reselling entities such as independent consulting firms and/or public accounting firms. Recognizing that every imaginable accounting or management information need may not be met by any one accounting system, Sage Software, Inc. developed a program which allows certain qualified Authorized Resellers and software consultants access to the application Source Code. These special Authorized Resellers and software consultants are called "Master Developers." Master Developers must pass an extensive qualification process before becoming licensed to access the Source Code. Only after meeting these requirements and paying the annual license fee may an Authorized Reseller join this elite group.

The typical Master Developer specializes in needs and system analysis, application programming, and systems implementation. By providing modifications to specific application modules and developing specialized vertical market applications, Master Developers are able to expand the already extensive capabilities of Sage 100, and Sage 500 to meet the unique needs of almost any kind of business. Only about 130 of Sage's resellers are Master Developers.

Key Benefit of Custom Programming- Save Money
Custom Programming is very economical based upon employee time savings and benefits associated with extending the life of Sage Software's accounting software as your business grows and changes. It is more economical to enhance Sage 100 and Sage 500 to your needs, than to convert and implement another accounting software package. In fact, one of the many advantages of Sage Software Sage 100 & Sage 500 is that they can be customized to meet your company's needs today and in the future, as your business grows.

Policies and Procedures

Approximately 80% of the telephone calls we receive from Resellers and end-users of Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 are resolved without any custom programming. A majority of these calls are turned over to support and training for discussions related to existing Sage MAS 90 - Sage MAS 200 features and capabilities.

Blytheco will typically provide our customers with a verbal custom programming range based upon initial program requirements discussions. If the dollar range is acceptable to the client, Blytheco will proceed with the production of written custom programming specifications. Blytheco provides all of its custom programming work as a fixed contract, thus there are no surprises to the customer regarding the cost of custom programming.

  • Quotes You will usually receive a verbal quote within 48 hours. If you approve of the estimated dollar amount range, then we will provide you with a fully documented proposal shortly thereafter.
  • Costs All of our Custom Programming jobs are on a Fixed contract basis. The dollar amount agreed upon will not change unless you require modifications, additions, or changes to the quote, which will be subject to additional charges.
  • Warranty We provide a full 6-month warranty period. Program modifications will be corrected at NO CHARGE, if not compliant with the specifications and fall within the 6-month warranty period. A charge will be incurred to upgrade a program modification to a future Sage MAS 90 release, or for additions or changes to the original specification. Blytheco stands behind our custom programming and will work with you to guarantee that it meets your specific needs.
  • Delivery We strive to make sure that projects are delivered on time and within budget. Once you install the custom modification, we know you will be pleased with the truly seamless integration. It will look and feel just like Sage MAS 90, but with the added features your company requires.

  • Payment Terms All custom programming that is 8 hours or less will require a deposit of 100%. All other contracts require a 50% deposit to begin the work. When completed, the disk will be sent C.O.D. for balance due.
  • Installation, Data Conversion, Training & Support
    Blytheco recommends that we assist you in the installation, data conversion, training, and support associated with this enhancement, whether it be on-site, via phone, or via remote access. This assistance will be invoiced separately at our standard hourly rates.
  • Documentation Blytheco provides System documentation, Files modified and general features added. However, we do NOT provide User documentation with the custom programming except for what is provided via the programming specifications. Full documentation in the stock MAS 90 style is available, upon request, for an additional charge.

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