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NetSuite TribeHR

Social HR Software

NetSuite TribeHR is the first social human resources management software for use with NetSuite, enabling customers to manage the entire employee lifecycle through a powerful core human resource information systems (HRIS), advanced Talent Management and social Applicant Tracking System (ATS). NetSuite TribeHR integrates with LinkedIn and Facebook to attract and recruit top talent. You can access the system from anywhere at anytime. With NetSuite and NetSuite TribeHR, businesses can now manage their entire business from one integrated cloud solution: finance, sales, service, fulfillment, and now for the first time, human resources.

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TribeHR Benefits

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Attract and recruit the right talent.
  • Review, reward and retain top talent.
  • Empower and engage employees.
  • Dramatically improve employee performance.
  • Award-winning HR functions.


Make hiring a social experience, automate repetitive tasks, and shorten the hiring cycle for consistently better hiring results.

Hiring, staffing and recruiting are critical to the success of any business. Whether it’s replacing employees or staffing up to grow, finding the right employees efficiently requires sourcing candidates and internal coordination. With applicant tracking tools from NetSuite TribeHR, companies can organize interview teams, consolidate notes, rank candidates, standardize job descriptions, leverage social networks and archive applicants.

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NetSuite TribeHR combines the best of HR information management with innovative social features in engaging social interface that employees love.

NetSuite TribeHR’s Core HRIS builds the foundation for both administrative and strategic human capital management and empowers your employees, Human Resources and overall company with complete accessibility, visibility and automation of workplace events. It is the backbone of your HR technology platform and strategy.

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Talent Management

Engage and nurture your talent with NetSuite TribeHR’s Talent Management solution with social performance management, feedback, cultural alignment, and goal tracking tools.

Motivating, managing and retaining employees helps ensure the success of every business. By streamlining the goal setting and measurement process, enabling peer recognition and aligning employees with corporate values, NetSuite TribeHR makes it easy to build a productive and powerful workforce.

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