We have a unique business, and your team has done a great job of understanding our needs and the customizations that we required. Blytheco has been excellent at project planning and communication throughout the whole implementation process."

— Astrup Drug

We aren’t about selling or implementing anything if it doesn’t make sense. Our process is designed to demonstrate ROI and the KPIs that will ensure that your project contributes to your company’s overall success.

Since our first call with Blytheco, your company has treated us as a successful business looking to improve, not as a generic business that you would shoehorn into a generic software solution."

— Gopher Stage Lighting

While there are certainly best practices that can be shared among like categories of businesses, each company has its own unique approach, which creates your culture and value to the market. We are here to support you in the way you do business and give you advice when it makes sense. When you partner with Blytheco we will help you transform your software to meet your business needs — not make you change your business to match the software’s limitations. We love out-of-the-box thinking.

Blytheco vs. NetSuite Direct

When you work with any vendor that has one tool to sell, they will try to make you feel like that tool is the best one for you. When you work with a vendor who has many options and tools, it benefits you because there isn’t a motivation to sell one tool over the other. The important part of the process is that you get the right tool for your business.

Can NetSuite direct give you better pricing than a partner can?

NetSuite has strict guidelines and rules of engagement when it comes to deal pricing. While there is a negotiation process regarding NetSuite pricing and no two deals quite look the same, neither working with two partners nor working with NetSuite direct vs. a partner equals a better deal.

NetSuite tracks all deals in one system (whether it’s with a partner company or their direct team). If a customer starts to work with more than one partner or is working with NetSuite direct, everyone involved is notified. Before pricing can be negotiated, the customer is often asked to select the company/individuals that they want to work with. If not, all pricing that is offered to the customer will be exactly the same across the board. In this case, the practice of working with multiple companies actually lowers your negotiation power. The best practice is to narrow it down to the company that you want to do business with and let them negotiate on your behalf for everything that you need.

Are there exceptions to this pricing guideline?

Yes, when the partners and/or NetSuite don’t agree on the recommendations of modules. When the recommended modules are different, you are likely to get different pricing from different people in the process. This should be explained, and there should be logical reasons why two companies don’t agree. For instance, one company might have asked different questions during the discovery process and may have a better understanding of your needs than another company. This could cause the recommendations and pricing to be different.

NetSuite’s Standard Implementation vs. a Partner

NetSuite has a standard implementation process that puts the responsibility on you, the company, to bear the heavy lifting of your implementation. You will go through training and then be required to take the necessary steps to complete your implementation. NetSuite will provide you with a standard process that isn’t tailored to your specific company.

Implementing with a partner firm like Blytheco is entirely different. At Blytheco, we work with your team to map out your implementation and determine the action items to be carried out by the various team members. There is involvement — and agreement — from both parties, and the implementation will be tailored to your company’s specific needs and the items most important to your project’s success. Timelines will be created, and there will be regular meetings to check in and report out on the process of the implementation.