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About Leasing

What is a software lease?
A lease is an agreement between the software owner (lessor) and the software user (lessee) which conveys the right to use the software for a specified period of time.

What information will I need to provide on the lease application?

You will be asked to provide the following:

Your general business information, including: legal business name and address, contact name for the person executing the lease, guarantor information, estimated software cost or total estimated lease amount, and the business location.

What kind of technology can I finance?

You can finance a broad range of technology, including Sage software, hardware, maintenance, and training, as well as, office furniture and business solutions.
Blytheco Leasing Options

Can I include soft costs and services on a lease?
Most leasing companies will finance 100% of the soft costs being financed. These soft costs and services might include: delivery, installation, service, and maintenance.

What is the difference between a lease and a loan?
A lease is a contract wherein a financial provider lends a lessee the use of the technology, and the lessee pays the lessor a fee for this usage. Financing technology, in this manner provides benefits like better cash management, potential tax benefits, and the ability to avoid owning technology that might quickly become outdated.

Business loans are used to acquire and access cash for major purchases or business expenditures. As with leases, loans are paid back with fixed payments over a fixed period of time. Banks offer customers various loan products, but applicants are often required to provide compensating balances, large down payments, client list reviews, and cash-flow projections. Such loans are required to be secured by collateral, such as a house, a car, stocks, or bonds.

Which Lease is the Right Choice?
The right choice is the lease plan that best meets the individual needs of your business. Common factors to consider are:

  • Estimated useful life of the software
  • How long your business plans to use the software
  • What your business intends to do with the software at the end of the lease
  • The tax situation of your business
  • The cash flow of your business
  • Your company’s specific needs for future growth

Benefits of Leasing

No Need for Compromise
You can acquire the best solution for your business today. Enjoy improved productivity with the right tool for the job — without compromise.

Preserves Cash and Credit Lines
Leasing is a proven way to conserve capital while acquiring needed software and technology. Leasing does not tie-up existing credit lines. Instead, you are able to keep capital available for critical expenses, such as personnel, taxes, inventory, or advertising.

Equipment Flexibility
As businesses grow and their needs change, you can add or upgrade at any point during a lease term through add-on or master leases.

Customized Solutions
A variety of leasing products is available, allowing a tailored program to fit month-to-month or year-to-year cash flow needs.

Tax Benefits
Your business can expense 100% of the monthly lease payment to help reduce your tax obligations, depending on the structure of the lease.

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