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Employee Management (HRMS – Human Resource Management System)
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The management of your employees is another critical component of your operations. The employee resources a company has directly affects the reputation of the company. Efficiently managing every aspect of the company’s relationship with the employee is achievable with properly implemented processes and matching software solutions.

What's your biggest HRMS challenge?

  • Our reporting is not robust enough. We need more detailed report development
  • We are using multiple systems that don’t speak to one-another effectively
  • Our HR processes are not streamlined
  • We are experiencing double-entry of data on a frequent basis
  • We are constantly being told that there is no solution to a complex issue and need to move off of our current software
  • Our users lack the proper training on our current system
  • What is the one thing that you want to do and can’t do right
    now with your system?
Employee Management Products from Blytheco
SageHRMS - Sage HRMS empowers the human resources (HR) department to actively support company objectives while improving HR efficiency.

CompuPay - Sage Partner CompuPay is one of the country’s leading experts in payroll, tax filing and HR-related services.
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