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Human Resources Management System

What is the powerhouse of an HRMS? It is "core," or what is commonly known as the HR module. An HRMS is only as strong as its HR core. Think about the HR module as a wheel, with spokes that reach out to other modules. Those spokes carry information either out to other modules or back into HR on a regular basis, all silently behind the scenes. The HR module is the engine that fuels the HRMS with data that allows those modules to bring additional functionality and power to the overall system. Without HR, those systems would require manual entry of demographic information. 

Let’s look at some basic demographic information:

  • Employee name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Job/Position (and Job History)
  • Pay (and Pay History)
  • Supervisor
  • Location

Benefit information will need at least 5 segments of the above data. Performance management will also require 5 segments. Employee self-service will likely house all of the above and the list goes on. Without a strong HR core, an organization would require redundant entry, which is manual and error prone.

HR is the primary area where HR professional go to view and report on employee data. Most HRMS reporting stems from core HR and Payroll.

When considering an HRMS solution, it is important to remember that without a strong HR module at its core, and HRMS is becomes extremely limited in its overall capability.

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