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Looking for options around top ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) packages?

With so many vendors and ERP packages to choose from, the process of selecting a new ERP system can seem daunting. How do you know which ones are the top ERP systems, and which one will be the right one for your company? We know that you have many options around ERP software selection. Simplify the process so that you can make sure the ERP software you select is the right one for your business.

Here are the top six steps companies should take to evaluate ERP packages:
Top ERP Options
  Narrow down your choices – We’ve designed a quiz as a first step in this process to help you narrow down your ERP options. This as a first step can point you in the right direction of what to do next.
  Understand what your needs are – We know that different departments at your organization will be impacted by a new ERP system. This means, that each department will need to understand what they need from a new ERP system. Make a list of needs by department to make sure that every need is included.
  Rank your needs – No one ERP package will handle 100% of your needs. This means you will need to have agreement around what is a “nice to have” vs. a “have to have” feature set. If you are able to rank them in order of importance it will also help you identify which features need to be implemented first vs. longer term. This way you can create a phased approach to your implementation to help increase the success of your ERP implementation.
Search for a vendor that understands your needs – Many vendors will want to recommend a package for you, and often times, it will be the one ERP software package that they carry. Look for vendors that carry multiple solutions OR that have a good understanding of your needs and agree with you up front that if they can’t meet your needs, they won’t sell you a software system. This is why starting with a quiz to narrow down your software selection may be a great first step.
  Look for a return on your investment – Based on the needs that you have identified, your vendor should work with you to understand how your company will be impacted by the new changes and what those changes will bring to your business in terms of revenue. The investment in software that you are making should be less than what your return will be.
  Look for a demonstration of your needs being met – A software demonstration should help you select an ERP system based on how it meets your needs. If a vendor only gives you a general demonstration of top level features and functionality and doesn’t discuss your needs, they may not have a good understanding of your needs and it may be an indicator that they won’t help you achieve your goals with a new software system.
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