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Do you have questions about ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

Narrowing down your ERP software selection can be challenging with so many choices for companies. How do you even produce a small list of software products that would even be a good fit for your company? The short quiz on this page can help you in narrowing down your selections by just answering a few simple questions. The results are a focused list of software systems you should be considering for your business.

If you have questions about ERP you are most likely in one of the following categories:

Top ERP Options
You are looking to grow your business and you know that in order to scale you need additional functionality and technology to take your business to the next level.
Today your business is in pain and you have many manual processes that you are doing by hand, causing additional delays and reduction in effectiveness in your business.
  You have a number of calculations and processes that you handle in Excel that are subject to human entry and potential errors.
Different managers in your business aren’t able to give details of key performance metrics because they don’t have access to real-time information.
You don’t yet have an ERP and you are curious about what systems would be appropriate for your business.
If you are a current ERP user:   Do you want a new ERP system?
If you have an existing ERP system with older features and functionality, partner with a resource who can assess your current system to make sure it meets the needs of the business. After using an ERP system for several years, business processes change and so will your needs. An assessment of processes, those that are manual or outside of your ERP system can assist in determining if there is a more effective way to be working. If you are interested in more information about how this could help you please take our ERP Software Selection Quiz as a first step to selecting a new ERP System.   If you know that you need a new ERP system or if you don’t have an ERP package in place today, you will want to narrow down the selection process based on business needs not features and functions. Working with a resource to help you through this process will help narrow down the choices. Take our quick quiz to help narrow down options prior to speaking to anyone. Another resource to check out is our documented process on selecting a new ERP.
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