eRequester - Workflow Automation

The very core of eRequester is the Approval Workflow Engine. It is the key to helping organizations intelligently manage spending, as well as the driving force behind our easy-to-use interface. Not only does the Approval Workflow Engine drive the approval process, it also helps to maintain a high level of audit trail and reporting data collection.

Users do not need to remember complex approval forwarding, because the approval workflow process is taken care of behind the scenes. The powerful approval workflow lets you define flexible approval routing logic based on any field in the database, for different types of transactions going through your system. eRequester removes any guess work from the user’s point of view, streamlining the process and routing their requisitions to the appropriate approver automatically.

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Workflow Automation Approval Process

Intelligent Automation Drives Increased Efficiency
Save Time & Money by Streamlining the Procure-to-Pay Process

Get industry-leading intelligent automation that is flexible and highly configurable. eRequester’s automation delivers valuable time savings by streamlining processes and removing approval delays in your workflow while still providing a top-rated software platform that is tailored to meet your organization’s needs and requirements

Boost productivity, cost savings and spend less time working with manual or inefficient systems.

Increase Spend Control & Oversight
Flexible logic-based spend controls built into every efficiency enhancement

eRequester is the key to affordably increasing your organization’s spend management efficiency with comprehensive features and customizable configuration. We designed eRequester’s core system to serve as a spend management platform with modular feature add-ons that help tailor a unique fit for your organization.

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