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Streamlined Procurement

eRequester purchasing solution software offers businesses essential functionality for managing corporate expenditures. This robust platform enhances productivity and helps to automate core procurement, inventory and payment processes by streamlining requisition, approval workflows, receiving and invoicing processes.

With a simple to use interface, eRequester aids compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and delivers rapid return on investment. eRequester offers a feature set of additional modules that can be tailored to your organization, including: Budget Control, Receiving, Inventory, Request for Quote, Mobile Approval, Multi-Currency, Invoice Approval, and Vendor Punchout, and many more.

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Procurement configured to your organization’s needs:
  • Easy-to-use requisition creation
  • Flexible Approval Workflow Engine
  • Automated creation of purchase orders
  • Key Reports for business intelligence
  • AP Workflow Automation
  • Multi-company support
  • Standardized templates for frequent orders
  • Punchout with curated catalogs
  • Budget compliance

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