eRequester - Expense Management

Simplify Travel and Expense Reporting

Tracking expenses and reimbursements can be hard to manage. Spreadsheets and paper forms are limited and contribute to delays and operational overhead. eRequester’s Expense Management solution offers simplified entry and tracking of expense reporting in the office or on-the-go, helping organizations improve operational efficiency and control costs.

Use eRequester Expense Management to automate and expedite expense processing procedures and provide greater visibility over discretionary spending. Designed from the ground up to support the needs of end users and accounting users alike. eRequester Expense Management simplifies expense reporting, starting from before the trip occurs with expense pre-approvals, all the way through expense entry, reimbursement, and credit card reconciliation.

Want To Know More?

Easy-to-Use and Manage
A streamlined user experience makes it easy for employees to enter their expense reimbursement requests. eRequester Expense Management has removed user adoption obstacles by creating intelligent defaults so that users don’t need in-depth accounting knowledge to submit their expense reports.
Track Transactions by Expense Type
Enter, track and reconcile expenditures by expense category. Tie in your organization’s GL accounts, vendors, and projects to gain detailed financial insight and a fully integrated system that is easy to manage.
Built-in Mileage Log Calculator
Capture all relevant details to comply with Federal reporting requirements or to match your business policies.
Support for Per Diem Rates
Easily set up for per diem calculations to match your travel and expense reimbursement rules. All employees have to do is enter in the number of days for reimbursement and eRequester handles the rest.
Powerful Approval Workflow Engine
Beyond document management, eRequester Expense Management is a business process automation tool with a comprehensive set of administrative controls over spending requests, approval routing and infinitely flexible authorization levels.
Mobile Entry and Approval
Designed for the on-the-go workforce. Reduce the time to manage and submit travel and expense reports by attaching or emailing receipts, track expenses, handle approvals on-the-go and much more!
Flexible Deployment Options
eRequester is available on-premise or hosted , either standalone or integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL and AX.
Unify Your Data
eRequester Expense Management provides seamless integration with Sage

Expense Management Simplified

Expense Management configured to your organization:
  • Flexible Approval Workflow Engine
  • Key reports for business intelligence
  • Email upload of receipts
  • Per Diem expense rules
  • Daily Itinerary
  • Pre-approval of travel expenses
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Credit card expense reconciliation
  • Setup flexible spending rules for different expense categories

Explore eRequester and the many ways it can be configured to your organization: