Benefits of Employee Engagement


22% in profitability

21% in productivity

10% in customer ratings


41% in quality defects

48% in safety incidents

37% in absenteeism*

More engaged groups show these improvements, when comparing engagement levels for the top 25% to the bottom 25% of Gallup's survey database.

Employee Engagement Survey - focal ORG

Identify, Understand, and Fix Employee Engagement Problems

Experience Actionable Results

More Depth

You can view your results by any of your demographic groups, such as location, division, department, level, and even by individual manager.

More Precision

Heat-mapped cross-tabbing enables you to quickly pinpoint problems that might have been otherwise overlooked.

User Friendly

Consumer-grade design is easy to navigate. Just click on results to understand what's going on behind them.

Employee Engagement, Strategic Alignment, & Performance

Focal ORG measures the four key components that drive workforce performance

Focal ORG starts with a list of carefully selected and statistically validated survey items. Once employees have completed the questionnaire, the engagement dashboard takes you deep into the survey results to understand the dynamics of engagement throughout your organization.

Employee Engagement Dashboard

Probe deeper with powerful analytical tools

This is where things start to get exciting!

The Employee Engagement Dashboard is a powerful online analysis tool that provides a detailed picture of engagement and disengagement throughout your organization. It gives a new level of meaning to the survey results. The dashboard is structured around a research-based model of employee performance that includes engagement, strategic alignment, and manager competency.

The online dashboard lists the key drivers of engagement and highlights areas in the organization where engagement is low. The targeted comments and actionable metrics don't simply measure employee involvement and motivation levels. They provide actionable details that will enable you to plan a strategy for increasing levels of employee commitment and workforce effectiveness.

Scalpel vs. Sledgehammer

Regardless of how a company is doing overall, there are always things happening further down in an organization that are having a negative impact on engagement.

The dashboard enables you to quickly identify and understand these problem areas so you can take action with greater precision.

- Identify global engagement themes and issues across your organization

- Quickly spot "at risk" groups within your organization

- Drill down to understand local issues and group dynamics

Virtual Focus Groups

A customized survey for each and every employee!

Comments are often the most valuable part of the feedback process. They pick up where the numbers leave off, explaining what those numeric results mean and often even providing a solution to the problem.

We take "actionable results" to another level by asking targeted follow-up questions in the areas that are most relevant to each employee who completes the survey

This means our employee engagement survey probes deeper into the specific issues that are of concern to each one of your employees. Get specific details about not only what is broken, but also how to fix it.

Remember, measuring engagement and alignment with strategy is only the first step. The survey results will tell you what needs to be fixed, but it is up to you to take action on the results and implement activities and change initiatives that will increase the level of engagement, involvement, and commitment among your employees.

Employee Engagement customized survey

Employee Engagement Survey

Actionable results is the name of the game

Very short surveys that contain just a dozen or so items can do a great job of identifying whether you have problems with engagement, but they might leave you with more questions than answers. We recommend conducting a more complete baseline survey once a year, and then using shorter pulse check surveys in between.

Is 7 minutes too much to ask?

That's how long it takes most employees to complete the questionnaire.

Our standard employee survey includes 50 carefully selected questions, similar to those on our list of sample employee survey questions.

Pulse check?

If you want to track engagement throughout the year, a Heartbeat™ pulsing survey can be launched at any time.

Our standard Heartbeat™ pulsing survey includes 18 items, and takes just 2 minutes to complete. This makes it short enough for "every day" use, while still covering the critical aspects of engagement.

Understand What Matters Most to Your Employees

By using a statistically based model of employee engagement

Do you understand the value and importance of employee engagement?

Is employee engagement a strategic priority for your organization?

Are you prepared to face the engagement problems in your organization?

Focal ORG is a complete employee survey solution that enables you to measure employee engagement and strategic alignment within your organization.

We provide the assessment infrastructure, analytical tools, and expert advice to help you understand what matters most to your employees and to identify what you need to do to increase employee performance and reduce turnover.

Get a complete picture of what drives employee engagement in every part of your organization. Identify hidden trouble spots deep within your organization. Find out what is broken - and how to fix it.

Employee Satisfaction is Not Enough

Employee satisfaction only measures how satisfied, happy, or content employees are. It does not measure their level of motivation, involvement, or emotional commitment.


In fact, satisfied employees might be people your oganization would be better off without.

Consider the following definitions of employee satisfaction and employee engagement.

Employee Engagement: The extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work..

Employee Satisfaction: The extent to which employees are happy or content with their jobs and work environment.

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