What is CRM and Its Benefits?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is software that utilizes a database to keep track of customer information, which is usually of greatest help to the Marketing, Sales and Customer Service departments, throughout the Customer lifecycle. It gives you the “360 Degree View” of a customer or prospect.

The Basics and Benefits of a CRM Solution

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What are the products?

Blytheco offers industry-leading CRM Solutions, all have outstanding integration abilities.


How to choose?

The correct CRM solution with a proper implementation will be the one that fulfills your business requirements. The decision will be based on the necessary functionalities needed to solve your company’s needs, pains and problems. Discover the functionalities our CRM solutions provide.

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Find out what CRM is right for you

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What could CRM mean to your bottom line?

CRM solutions result in great overall ROI and boost revenue. More insight into the overall customer lifecycle means higher retention rates and the ability to bring in customers. Calculate the value a CRM solution could bring your company.

CRM ROI Calculator

The Top 13 Benefits to Your Sales Team

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How are companies using these products to improve customer experience?

When you have full visibility into what interactions and touch-points your customers have with your internal team you can improve processes and develop customer life cycles & storyboards.

American Exteriors Case Study

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The Blytheco Way

We partner with you to help accomplish your business goals. We do that by providing consulting and quality software solutions. Learn More about partnering with Blytheco.

Why Blytheco?

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