What kind of impact does a CRM have on forecasting and quota management

CRM solutions give you complete control of your sales pipeline, allowing your teams to effectively manage, forecast and report on all phases of the sales cycle. Your team can easily manage and analyze current and historical account details and activities, leading to better forecasting accuracy.

Previews of CRM Sales Dashboards and Pipeline Screens

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How can I improve access to Customer Information?

Provide your team with a complete 360 view of all customer data and interactions, in one centralized location. Information is entered into the system once, eliminating double entry and ensuring all team members are aware of a customer or prospects status.

Information Access with CRM

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How can I help Marketing
identify the best leads
vs. bad leads?

A CRM solution gives Sales and Marketing the ability to measure and collaborate on the quality of leads being generated. Easily obtainable sales metrics and reporting let’s Marketing know which campaigns are generating
the best leads.

Lead Workflow

CRM Lead Workflow

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What CRM products are offered?

Blytheco offers industry leading CRM Solutions, all which give your Sales team the visibility into the customer and prospect information they need to close deals
quickly and efficiently.

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