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Problem: Customer or prospect info is maintained by salespeople in individual files, so it’s not visible to others in the business.

Data is also lost when sales people leave the company, so new reps have to start “from scratch” to build customer intelligence. Product details exist in the system, but sales reps do not have access and the time necessary to reply to prospects with information depends on accessing details cross departments and is hindered by sick and vacation leave. This delays order preparation, proposal delivery, literature fulfillment and generally hinders communications between the sales force and prospects.

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Solution - CRM gives you:

  • Full visibility into customer, product, and services information to bring new sales representatives up-to-speed quickly, leverage cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and shorter sales cycles.
  • Reduced costs with straight through processing by automating proposal and quotation processes, eliminating manual/duplicated sales processes, and reducing time spent in the office on administration tasks