How will this increase visibility into the pipeline?

Pipeline visibility enables you to control and track what happens in your organization consistently. It means you are able to generate accurate reporting while increasing efficiencies and optimizing cash flow. Explore the Pipeline visibility and functionality each CRM solution provides.

Previews of CRM Pipeline Screens

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What will give us customer lifetime value reporting?

CRM solutions give you the centralized and historical data needed to have the ability to report on Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Take an in-depth look at the CLV reporting abilities and dashboards CRM solutions provide.

Previews of CRM Accounting Screens

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How can integration with our ERP system better our organization's performance?

CRM and ERP integration opens the door to streamlined collaboration and more efficient processes. Discover the benefits of integrating CRM with Accounting.

Top 13 Benefits to your Sales Team and your Bottom Line

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How do I manage risk in an implementation to ensure that the project doesn't cost more than planned?

The key to deriving positive productivity and revenue growth from a CRM solution is a proper implementation. Proper planning and organizational wide communication prior to implementation are the most important factors to staying on budget. We’ve identified common implementation mistakes so you know what to avoid prior to implementation.

Top Ten CRM Implementation Mistakes

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