How can I measure customer engagement?

Gain active insights and data into customer interactions. With that information at your disposal and the functionalities provided by CRM, you gain the ability to establish customer engagement workflows specific to a wide range of customer metrics.

Improving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

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How are companies using these products to improve customer experience?

Companies are using CRM solutions to gain full visibility into the customer lifecycle. Having this visibility allows reps to have greater insights into customer needs. Being able to respond to inquiries quickly and accurately ensures no customer falls through the cracks. See how some of our clients have utilized CRM to reinvent and refine their customer service practices.

Thermo-Twin uses Sage CRM to increase sales
Sage CRM supports growth at Cortland Savings
American Exteriors Sage CRM success story

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Does it have the features I want?

Key functionalities make customer information readily available and enable the tracking of detailed notes and history. Track your team’s performance with key metrics and scored boards. Discover the customer service features CRM solutions provide.

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How does a 360 degree view of the customer help deliver ROI?

CRM enables customer issues to be tracked and responded to regardless of who answers the phone or received the e-mail, increasing the number of queries resolved on first contact. This maximizes customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in more repeat business. Boost ROI with referral opportunities generated from your current customers speaking highly of the service they received.

Customer Lifecycle

CRM Customer Lifecycle

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